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Discretion: Still The Better Part Of Valour

Words In Season:
"Wisdom is taking a quick appraisal of a situation and taking the right step forward"
The King's Scribe.

"But truly I am of power by The Spirit of The Lord...."
Micah 3:8

A lot has been said about Elijah for fleeing from a witch at Jezreel after calling down fire on Mount Carmel. Some said Elijah did it out of fear after Jezebel threatened to bring down his head for killing four hundred her priests. I nearly fell for that theory until an all night meditation reset my understanding.
Because I felt how can someone carrying a higher and superior Spirit, yeah The Spirit of The Living God flee from someone carrying a far lesser in potency spirit of witchcraft? Could it be ignorance of the high potency of what he is carrying or corwardice on Elijah's part? Some of even adjudged his action as weariness, based on how he complained to God later in I Kings 19:4.
But that all night meditation taught me otherwise.
Elijah shouldn't have done better. Should Elijah not run but wait and defend himself against Jezebel executioners, a lot of collateral damage would be done. A collateral damage that will wittle down everything accomplished for God's glory and honour on Mount Carmel.
Of course Elijah will call down fire upon those Jezebel sent to take his head but "stay bullets" will hit small children who trooped out in their hundreds with their mother's basins to fetch rain water after over five years of drought! It will also hit young maids and many more innocent passersby. And Jezebel has no value for life, much more of care for God's glory and honour!
But Elijah cares for both.
In as much as Elijah carries the Spirit of The Living God, while Jezebel is a carrier of the spirit of withcraft, yet Elijah had to run to fight another day! And after, Elijah did lived to fight another day when there was a level playing ground where he wasted two plantoons of fifty soldiers each with their captains. This time it was on a mountain. No little children or innocent passersby was hit by "stray bullets" Not even a rabbit or stray dog did God's word recorded was caught in the crosse!
Therefore Elijah acted out of discretion that day in Jezreel NOT out of fear. Really, the best Elijah could have done in that situation is - flee. Just as Joseph took the right step forward by fleeing, Elijah too did by fleeing from Jezebel. Just as Phortiphars wife would have messed up Joseph and his future, Jezebel too would have messed up God's honour and glory showcased by the victories of Elijah over the priests of baal at Mount Carmel.
Joseph fled. Elijah also fled the scene. One, so as not to create a scene. Secondly to avoid those quatom civilian casualities should he call down fire to defend himself against Jezebel's executioners, the public outcry and ophobrium of which would have turned many against God and Elijah His prophet. Even modern day warfare has that charter of war rules to protect innocent civilians in bombing raids! Where do we go from here? My people the Yorubas say, a person that got all the powers but lacked the discretion as per how and when to use it or not to use it, is the father of the powerless. "Alágbára má mèrò baba òle"
Elijah by The Spirit of God is filled with power that is ultimate and above all powers in potency. But to preserve God's honour and glory he exercised discretion and he lived to fight another day. Even the commander of the third set of fifty soldiers went on his knees to beg for his life.
Not only that, Elijah still finally finished off Jezebel before he went up to heaven with a potent prophecy by That self same Spirit and dogs ate her at the same valley of Jezreel! The same valley of Jezreel Elijah put his personal honour at stake as a man, risking being jeered at for running from a woman! All because he chose to control his emotions, brought masculine ego under and risked his personal honour to protect and preserve God's glory and honour.
What a lesson in humility and emotional intelligence for us all! It takes faith in Christ Jesus to display this kind of humility to swallow your masculine ego and pride by running away from a woman as a man. The arm of flesh will fail in such a situation and actions that will follow, as you want to display your superior masculinity you may regret for life!
Only Jesus can envelope a man with such grace and temperance. Therefore accept Him today as Lord and Saviour and save yourself a future collateral damage as you journey onward in life.

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