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Praising God Predates Pentecost

Words In Season:
"No matter how a servant is strong to labour, the master is still the boss"
African wise crack.

"Let them praise his name in the dance: let them sing praises unto him with the timbrel and harp"
✝ Psalms 149:3

In a laborarory the bunsen burner sits on a three legged steel holder called the tripod. Even a local African fire place has three triangular stones to firmly support a cooking vessel.
Therefore any revelation that any of our end time teachers and evangelists especially these modern day novices claim they got from The Holy Spirit that does not have two or three mouths of scriptural witnesses to support, kindly throw to a nearby thrash can. Then let the waste management authority take care of it to a dumping site!
We have been well taught brought up and guided by our spiritual instructors to always weight any revelation from The Spirit with the holy scriptures.
That any voice we hear or revelation we perceieve we receive from The Holy Spirit that we can not locate at least two witnesses from the scriptures to verify and establish may not be the voice of God but of the spirit of error. And many evangelists and preachers in this end time fly kites of error, claiming they are new revelations of real true interpretations of sacred things of God.
Of recent I heard a novice relegating and scoring with percentages praises of God The Most high below the grade of evangelism and witnessing. That it is when you are telling people about the gospel of the Kingdom or rather preaching the Gospel that you are actually praising God!
Yet not a scripture or two to back his claims of this "fresh revelation" of true interpretation of praise, that he wanted to force down the throat of his hearers. Other than there is rejoicing in heaven over a sinner's repentance.
No further strong scriptural proof, other than to bamboozle his hearers with the usual charimatic gymnastics and gyrations that The Holy Spirit revealed this to him as the true meaning of praise!
Of course it is The Holy Spirit they always lie against each time they throw their putrid fart of heresies in the guise of "fresh revelations"!
As of the angels rejoicing over a sinbers repentance which true. Yet the deeper truth is that ever before a sinner was born and weaned to start committing sins, heavenly beings around the throne of God has been screaming praises of rapturous "...holy holy holy is The Lord God...." Revelation 4:8. That is their job day and night without rest. How they cope leaves one to wonder. Because God Himself rested the seventh day after creation. But these beings have no rest day and night praising The Almighty.
Anyway, a product functions what the manufacturer wires it to. A microphone cannot perform the functions of an umbrella and vice versa.
And after the sinner repents and the holy angels of heaven the scripures actually claim rejoice, start rejoicing, these holy creatures around the Throne of God still continue their cries of "holy holy holy is The Lord...." As if nothing happened!
An RCCG Pastor in my village over 30 years ago said "praise is God's bath water" and I shouted aloud in awe that day! The Psalmist says whosoever offer praises, glorifies God. And God's glory is the essense of God Himself.
So praises predated the New Testament great commission of "go ye into the world" Even as far back as from the Old Testament, when God is yet to send anybody to "go ye" the heavens and Israel His people has been proclaiming His glory in high praises! I hereby concur with that man of God in my village and added mine that "praise is God's early morning showers!" Who goes a fishing or not is of no consequence.

The truth is that evangelism or witnessing is NOT an END itself. But rather a MEANS to an END. The the MEANS to an END of bringing other men to God to join in a praise dance that has been on for countless ages. Ever before the earth and heavens were created in Genesis 1:1.
So how many goes or does not go to invite men and how many men join the dance party or not is of no consequence. The praise dance party continues anyway and the creatures in Revelation 4:8 keep screaming God's praises to high heavens!
For the sake of emphasis, the truth is that the purpose and MEANING of evangelism and witnessing is bring men to God, so as to get them to know God and having known Him and experienced His mervels and wonders burst into high praises in awe of Him. 1Timothy 2:4. The truth is that praises predates "go ye into the world....."
It predated the old testament worship where it began in earthly format. It even predates creation itself.
And old testament praise and worship of God even a child in greche knows predates new testament pentecost of "go ye into the world..."
Therefore to equate praise with "... go ye into the world..." or elevate "...go ye into the world above praises of God and teaching men so is high mediocrity. Mediocrity of an Applo who needs the likes of Priscilla and Aquilla to thoroughly upgrade his system lest it crash!
Because praise is too holy and sacred to be equated with "...go ye into the world" Much more of interpreting a sacrifice of praise to mean it. That is risking a slap in your mouth by an angel!
The truth again is that as far back in the Old Testament before "...go ye" era, Miriam with a timbrel raised the first ever praise choir after the God's great wonders of crossing the red sea!
"And Miriam the prophetess, the sister of Aaron, took a timbrel in her hand; and all the women went out after her with timbrels and with dances." Exodus 15:20
Then Moses her brother and leader of the congregation composed the first ever praise song and lyrics that has since won a Grammy platinum in the heavenlies ".....who is like unto Thee Oh Lord, among the earth who is like Thee, glorious in holiness and fearful in praises......" Exodus 15:1 - 20
Then David took over years later in that same Old Testament ever before the era of "go ye into the world" with his harp, leading the sons of Asaph in a massive choir with songs of praise unto God The Most High with the lyrics and choruses splashed all over his Psalms! The same massive essemble praised God the day Solomon his son was dedicating the temple that the thick smoke of God's glory and presence filled the temple to the extent the priests can no longer stand up to minister in the temple. Much more of sending people out into the streets on evangelism!
To evangelise who?
The truth is; before the creation of the heavens and the earth, high volumes praises has been on to The Name of The Lord God The Almighty. Ever before the fall of man in Eden, the hosts of heaven have been praising God. After the era of "go ye into the world" the purpose of which is to redeem fallen man and God bring all things to judgement and establish a new heaven and a new earth as He promised in Revelation 21:1, praises will still continue to ring to God The Higher than the highest. Now if the meaning of praises is telling people about he gospel, who are they still trying to win to Christ after the end of ages? Crocodiles? Maybe hippopotamus!
Finally brethren, the bottomline again:Praising God and telling the world the love of Christ are TWO DIFFERENT ENTITIES and ASSIGNMENTS are NOT THE SAME IN MEANING. They are two different services unto God in His Kingdom. One predating the other and will still ultimately outlast that same other, which rendering praises unto God The Most High. One is for a season, another is ad infinitum. And that ones "God's bathwater" and "early morning showers - high praises.
The truth is that you that is reading this will be doing yourself a lot good but not doing God any favour, if you repent of your sins and believe on the atoning work of Christ and be saved. And then join the praise dance party that has been on, ever before the foundation of the in awesome praises to God The Most High.

Yet #IstandforTheGospelofChrist#

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