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Elimination By Substitution

Words In Season:
"Nature detests a vacuum"
General saying:

"And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven"
✝ Matthew 16:19

There is no where written in God's word that we are to wrestle with the devil.
Very good I got your attention! I know your mind will race to Ephesians 6:12. Yes, God's word said we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers, rulers of darkness of this world and spiritual wickedness in high places.
The Spirit of God has made me to understand and save my spritual energy by sumarising them in two words and a phrase - agents and angels of the devil.
It is these agents of the devil believers wrestle with not the devil himself. Because unlike The Almighty, the devil is not omnipresent. He can only be in one place at a time but he has a structure of well organised agents both visible and invisible, who report to him and take instructions from him.
And because the devil is not omnipresent like God, he can only be in one place at a time, the reason he for his going to and fro the earth. Because God limited him to one place at a time. So there is no way he can currently be in Poland and you be wrestling with him here in Lagos Nigeria. That is why his name was not in the list of those believers wrestle with in Ephesians 6:12 but that of his angels and agents, visible or invisble who takes instructions from him and reports to him. Check that verse of the scripture again and understand it very well.
How then do we deal with and overcome the devil and his agents, and put them where they rightfully belong, which is under the soles of our feet?
God's word treated them in two isolated cases but using same weapons that are "mighty through Him" such as God's word and our authority in Christ Jesus. But with two different strategies based on their proximity.
First strategy is; in case the devil wandered all the way from Poland where he was hitherto and venture near your vicinity in Lagos,the book of James told us to resist and him he WILL FLEE from us. God's word did not say he will put up a fight nor fight back BUT he will FLEE when you resist him. Yes he WILL flee.
We are to RESIST and REBUKE him. And he will FLEE.
Michael resisted him by rebuking over the corpse of Moses in The Name of Jesus and he fled. Your authority in The Name of Jesus is irresistble, so he must FLEE when you resist him with it. The blood of Jesus is like red hot boiling oil on his head, when you plead it against him to resist him. And no one feels a splash of hot oil on his and still wait! His or her survival instict is to flee the vicinity of the one with the frying pan! And devil's instinct surpass that of rat escaping the paws of a cat. Only that he he won't tell you that because he is a liar and loud proud braggart. The author of fear himself lives under toments of fear. To flee means to run out of fright or terror.
That is God's word position on overcoming the devil and getting rid of him in all your ways. Resist him and he WILL FLEE. And when he FLEES he goes elsewhere. Maybe to someone else in Netherlands or close by Kigali in Rwanda. And if the other one is smart enough to resist him, he flees again elsewhere!
Another reason he walks to and fro the earth. As one resist him Mumbai Kenya, he flees to another one in Bombay in India. And the spirit filled man he goes to in Bombay resist him, he takes off to Akansas in US! So the vicious circle of to and fro the earth continues. No rest and no peace for the wicked one!
And someone cannot be fleeing from you and still be wrestling with you at the same. Such two things cannot be done at a time. I believe you will remove your hands from my throat mow, having proved my case.

**Somebody cannot turn his back on on you fleeing and still be wrestling with you at the same time***
But because the devil has his agents and angels as sumarised are around to taking briefings and instructions from him, what do you do with them? Before pressing on upward, let's take a look at word "wrestle"
Wrestle is a figurative expression, men of letters like Paul the Apostle use for combat or conflict. But many believers has taken it literally. So they roll up the sleeves of their shirts ready for a show down and arm to arm combat with demons! It is just like using the same word when you are "wrestling" with a mathematical equation? Do you now remove your suit and roll up the sleeve of your and engage arm in arm wrestle with an equation of 5x7√2÷58x60°>=x+y?
How many believers have been enslaved with doctrines made out biblical figuratves we would rather leave as a subject of a future symposium!
Now having understood that Paul the Apostle used the word "wrestle" figuratively in the context of combat and conflict, not necessarily meaning an arm to arm wrestle with principalities and powers etc., let us now understand how to combat and overcome them in battle. And rid out of our affairs these strange children, as David called them in one of his Psalms. With that same authority of yours in Christ Jesus you BIND them! Yes, like one of my pastors used to pray in Jimeta - Yola "in their names and numbers" bind them. After binding them, in that same mighty Name of Jesus, you cast them out. Mark 16:17. Cast them either out of someone possesed or being oppressed when ministering deliverance, or out of your affairs in warfare.
An earthly criminal may struggle with a law officer's chain in his hands or ankles but not with HEAVENLY chains will demonic agents no matter vicious they struggle, much more of fighting you back. Because when you take your authority over them and bind them in The Name of Jesus ON EARTH "in their names and numbers" with chains and fetters of iron as Psalm 149:8 prescribed, HEAVEN responds and back you up and bind them too, "in their names and numbers"
Apart from this moment of taking authority over them and dealing with them point blank, never allow any demonic name to linger too much on your lips further. But songs and praises exalting the name of Jesus with calves of your lips continually. Hebrews 13:15
That is the reason it is even recommended you use the term "in their names and numbers" when dealing with them, instead of itemising them by their different names. Much more of asking them "what is your name? Where do you came from? When did you get here? When are you going out?" Of course he won't like to go out, talk less of telling you when.
You are not a policeman interrogating criminals. Yours is like a soldier shooting at enemies at point blank range to get rid of them! Would such a soldier have time asking for their names?
And having gotten rid of them be it in deliverance or warfare, what next?
Be guided that they are spirits that cannot be killed or destroyed BUT can only be DISPLACED out of your way in warfare or be cast out of a possesed or oppressed. Now after they have been displaced, there is a vacuum left of where they hitherto were.
And nature detest a vacuum.
Therefore of a necessity this vacuum needed to be filled. All the entities and forces that has been DISPLACED need to be REPLACED with another. Yes, another one that is their OPPOSITE in nature and operations must take their place, lest they return and bring more accomplices deadlier with them!
Hear God's word again on this "...and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven" Matthew 16:19 Where they have been eliminated, they must be substituted with another. - The person possesed and delivered must filled with the Holy Spirit. - The person being oppresed and delivered or establishing his victory in warfare must have angels loosed to take charge of the affairs where he or she was being troubled. "...for He shall give His angels charge over thee to keep thee in all thy ways" Psalm 91:11. Loose in The Names of Jesus heavenly angelic forces to take position and take charge of territories hitherto vacated by these invaders and aliens that has been put to flight. Hebrews 11:34b. - Blessings of Abraham must replace the curse of the law wherewith a man has been redeemed from. Galatians 3:13. We can go on and on "...whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven"
To whoever is reading this who is yet to have the new birth and salvation experience, all being said so far will not be easy to decodedecode. It will like a civilian trying to decode army signals. The first thing first is to believe in and surrender your life to Jesus Christ and be saved from your sins and become elisted as a soldier of God's Kingdom. Then will you be able to understand and decode this signals living in victory and finding all round rest.

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