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A word in season to all nations. A word in season to change men times and season.

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A Tale Of Two Masters. Part 1

Words In Season:
"Money will neither take you to heaven or hell what you do with it when you have or don't have it"
The King's Scribe

"Charge them that are rich in this world, that they be not highminded; nor trust in uncertain riches, but in the living God, who giveth us richly all things to enjoy"
✝ 1 Timothy 6:17

Jesus called God a Spirit; saying ‘…for God is a Spirit……’ John 4:24. He may never call satan a spirit, but we all knew he is a spirit. Now This same Great Teacher made mention of mammon in Matthew 6:24. But what many understood is money, money and money.
Mammon is associated with money but MAMMON is not MONEY and MONEY is not MAMMON.
Rather just as God is a Spirit, the devil is a spirit, and angels are spirits so also is mammon is a spirit. A demonic entity in the rank and file of principalities and powers, Paul spoke about in Ephesians 6:12.
Mammon is a spiritual personality. A demonic entity that controls and supervises the world's finance and monetary system. A fallen angel that influence and determines the flow of cash in the world of business and finance system, allowing it to flow where it is likely to serve a bad purpose and hinder it's free flow where it serve God’s righteous purpose and good works. Forcing those who know and can discern among Christian believers to take authority over him with swift alacrity! And he reports directly to his master - satan.
Every one that is in the world that buys and sells and using money, is at the mercy of this fallen angel of satan called mammon. Every unredeemed soul whose needs will take monetary input to be met is at the mercy of this wicked fallen angel.
Only with the exception of the redeemed of The Lord and these are them who understand this truth and break themselves loose from the influence and shackles of this wicked spiritual monetary warlord called mammon.
These are the redeemed of The Lord that have the understanding of this truth and allow themselves to be set free by this same truth.
The redeemed of the Lord need to understand the importance and the necessity to break loose from from his shackles. Shackles that has driven men into hurtful lusts and atrocities too uncountable to dwell on here. Shackles of worry anxiety of having it or not having or not enough of it.
Those who have money lives under the perpetual fear of losing it, and those who don’t have it live under the constant anxiety and worry of how they will have it and keep panting and pinning after it. They are all manifestations of how mammon rules the financial system of this world and the lives of his captives.
That is why Jesus said ye cannot serve God and mammon, because he is spirit and these are some of his manifestations in the lives of men among many others we will study in the course of this study.
So when you as a child of God begin to worry and take thought about what to eat and drink or wherewithal ye shall be clothed, you have better be careful, as you may be dancing to the beat of this principality called mammon.
Worry and anxiety about money matters are one of his manifestations.
That was why immediately after Jesus said "ye cannot serve God and mammon" The next thing He said after was "therefore I say unto you, take no thought for your lives, what ye shall eat, what ye shall drink…"

I perceive that this money issue is what has been hindering the way of many from accepting finding God by accepting the gospel of Christ the power of God to save their lives and redeem their souls. As we continue in these series you will find answers to unanswered questions about money. But taking a giant leap of faith and accepting Christ as Saviour today will save you enlist you among God's favourites into His Kingdom and boost your understanding better.

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