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A word in season to all nations. A word in season to change men times and season.

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A Tale Of Two Masters. Part 2

Words In Season:
"Money will neither make you please or displease God but what you do with it when you have or don't have it"
The King's Scribe

"Charge them that are rich in this world, that they be not highminded; nor trust in uncertain riches, but in the living God, who giveth us richly all things to enjoy"
✝ 1 Timothy 6:17

As we continue from the previous post Jesus said after saying you cannot serve God and mammon ".....therefore I say unto you take thought for your lives, what ye shall eat, what ye shall drink and wherewither ye shall be clothed...." If we are to add other anxieties and worries of this century, it will be how shall we pay our children school fees, pay the house rent and other allied bills.
Worries and anxieties about taking care of all these needs are what mamnon use to oppress and intimidate his captives in the finance world. And every one whose eyes of understanding has been opened know that fear is one of the chief weapons rulers of darkness use to control their own!
Reason Jesus is saying to His own concerning these needs "take no thought" Worry not! Be anxious for nothing. You are under a new Master Who cares even before the need arises.
Therefore as a believer when you found yourself worrying and getting anxious about these things your Father in Heaven know that you are in need of, that is mammon at work. That is nammon trying get your attention by shifting your attention from your Master. Take authority over him with automatic precision and begin to declare God's word by faith.
I believe in the deliverance ministry, if conducted the way it should. But if there is any deliverance a believer should violently crave after and get, if need be by force, after his conversion experience, it is deliverance from the influence of mammon. This wicked master of world's finance system.
The kingdom of God is invisible in location and but visible in manifestations. Before something happens in the physical, something must take place in the spiritual.
Therefore seeking the kingdom of God among others is having an understanding of how to operate in the realm of the spirit to bring to physical manifestations the things we need or desire.
And only the redeemed of The Lord can do this by faith not the unbeliever. Faith can be described among many others as managing the realm of the spirit. But unbelievers will rather go the diabolical way along the kingdom of darkness. But ye are children of light, yours is along the kingdom of God.
And the way to it is through the new birth experience, that God delivers you from the power of darkness and translates you to The Kingdom of His Dear Son - Jesus.
A question of DISCONNECTION from a bad master and RECONNECTION to another Master - a good Master.
It is disconnection from a wicked master called mammon in the kingdom of darkness and reconnection to another Master in the Kingdom of God - Jesus Christ. Resignation from a place of work to another better working place, you may call that.
Leaving one master in one kingdom, for another Master in another Kingdom.
For a servant cannot serve two masters, just as Jesus Himself said.
And sincerely, it will take violence to break loose from the hands of this mighty captor of destiny, even from this terrible fallen angel called mammon.
Shall the prey be taken away from the mighty,or the lawful captives delivered? Prophet Isaiah asked. (Isaiah 49:24) TO BE CONTINUED *******
I perceive that the issue is what has been hindering many from facing the reality of their need of The Saviour reconciling to God by accepting the gospel of Christ the power of God to save their lives and redeem their souls. As we continue in these series you will find answers to unanswered questions about money.
But taking a giant leap of faith and accepting Christ as Saviour today will save you enlist you among God's favourites into His Kingdom and boost your understanding better.
#IstandforTheGospelofChrist ******* Stop Press: Reason why we change the heading of this posts to "A Tale Of Two Masters" we will thoroughly explain in part 3 of this series.

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