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A Tale Of Two Masters. Part 3.

Words In Season:
"A woman cannot watch over two stalls in a market without risking goats nibbling at one of them" African Proverb
"No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon"
✝ Matthew 6:24

Permit this little digression. Since out of outright over indoctrination or show off of spirituality some men don't want to hear the word "money" much more of connecting it to "mammon" I decided to change the heading of this song of redemptive freedom and light out of darkness series to "A Tale Of Two Masters. Since the issue of finances in the life of any man born out of woman, both personal and corporate still remain a contest between two masters to gain their attention. Christ in His Kingdom and mammon in the kingdom of darkness.
Now Part we are in part 3 of this series.
Really, disconnection from the currents and high voltage of mammon is one of the deliverance assignments, a believer should seek after his conversion. Yeah high voltage of anxieties and worries about finances! A believer must break himself loose from the shackles and chains of mammon. Yeah breaking chains of hopeless gloom and persimism about finances and be liberated into a lively optimism and hopeful expectations for the best. After all it written "...and they expectations shall not be cut off" A man especially a believer must by all means get the burden of mammon off his shoulders, and his yoke from off his or her neck!
Thank God, His word promised that breaking of such yokes and lifting of such burdens shall come to pass in Isaiah 10:27.
As for unbelievers, rather unfortunately but sincerely, they are on their own under the yoke of mammon, irrespective of the religion any of them claim to profess.
Every machinations of darkness has a purpose just as God has a purpose for everything too.
Mammon has a purpose to achieve for his master by blocking and hindering cash flow and then turn round to create worries about it in the hearts of men about it. It is so that men can begin to think of unrighteous ways to raise cash. From lying to get to it to cheating and stealing, even unto organised crime! To the extent of pushing men to diabolical ways of raising cash such as money rituals, Yahoo plus etc. All in an attempt to look for money. And by so doing selling their souls to the devil and to ultimate destruction here and hereafter.
A man who is financially comfortable won't go for unrighteous, criminal even diabolical means of looking for money! So mammon's constant job is to always see to it that men are not financially comfortable. So they can look for money by all means and thereby look for it by all means to the extent of enrolling as candidates for his masters kingdom! Be it by enging in drug trafficking, money rituals, organised crime, etc.
And their kingdom's strategy of financial oppression has never changed. Even the strategy of ignorance and fear. Ignorance that keeps men in darkness and fear that keeps men in bondage and torment of anxieties and worries. For fear has torments. I John.... And the spill over of fear is worries and anxieties. Plus negative thoughts that weaken angelic signals. Culminating in negative confessions that ensnares.
So what are the opposites and counter strategies, of ingonrance and fear? Revelation knowledge, undestanding and light; which is the opposite of darkness. And faith which is the opposite of fear and doubt, worries and anxieties! This is why Jesus therefore said unto you and I "...take no thought for your life..."
The only solution and way out mammon’s cluthes is to come to Jesus Christ and be saved and be constantly taking heed to that His word that says:
".....therefore I say unto you take no thought for your life...." To be doing otherwise is allowing mammon to get your attention away from The Master.
And The Master said a man cannot serve two masters! He must choose and cleave to one and discard the other. He must love one and despise another.
Therefore choose ye today whom ye shall serve.

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