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A word in season to all nations. A word in season to change men times and season.

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How To Wait For Your Day Of Manifestation

Words In Season:
Pastor Dare Adeboye exited the stage at 42. Smith Wigglesworth entered the stage at 60 and shook the world for 30 years, exiting at 90. God sits in heaven and does what pleases Him.
The King's Scribe

"And the child grew, and waxed strong in spirit, and was in the deserts till the day of his showing unto Israel"
✝ Luke 1:80

Bottom line:
Everyone has his or her own day, the saying goes. And God's word agreed with this by calling God the God of times and seasons. And the age of the caller makes little or no difference to Him. He called Abraham at 75. He called Moses at 80. Joseph began to rule Egypt at 30. David began to reign as King in Israel at 30.
Obama completed his two term in office at 58, Donald Trump stepped into White House at 70. We can go on and on with these variations.
Prince Phillip's day of manifestation began to cocoon as a young naval officer when a 13 year old damsel from a royal lineage fell in love with him. This was not a case of endless wooing before the baby finally fell for him. The baby actually fell for him at sighting him. Why? Because Prince Phillip's day of manifestion was at hand.
If you hear Him call you or you identify areas God will use you in life wait for His direction as per when to step out. Wait for your day of manifestation.
Without too much catalogues of dos and don'ts, one thing to do while waiting and another thing to sense and discern when the time is ripe and set for your day of manifestation.
One thing you should do or be doing after discovery of your call and assignment is preparation. Especially spiritual preparation. As in regular prayers and fastings. Studies both in the scriptures relevant books, tapes both audios and videos. The word of God said "study to show yourself approved unto God" Attend as many as you could, programmes like seminars, conferences and as the case maybe attend a Bible School. Going to a university to pick a relevant degree may not be a bad idea. Keep on doing this, also keep waiting and be on the lookout.
On the lookout for what?
For opportunities that will showcase you to your world.
David's opportunity came when the challenge of who to face Goliath arose. Joseph's own came when Pharaoh needed someone to interprete his dream. So will yours come and things will open up with a bang! Finally heralding your day of manifestation!
Everything will look as if it was a dream.
But the first opportunity to embrace is the opportunity to be reconciled to God your Maker. The One that sent you to this world in the first place. The One that sent you here specifically to accomplishing an assignment He sent you herefor. Take it or leave it, you are not an accident of occurrence. Whether you are born in or out of wedlock. You are here on a mission.
Therefore first thing first. You need to embrace God's plan of salvation first, by repenting of your sins and believing on Jesus His Son, The One He sent specifically to accomplish the plan of salvation for all men. You inclusive. #IstandForTheGospelofChrist

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