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Do I Hear God Saying Touch Not Mine Anointed?

Words In Season:
"God conduct is the shield and safety of a man"
Yoruba Proverb

"Thou lovest righteousness, and hatest wickedness: therefore God, thy God, hath anointed thee with the oil of gladness above thy fellows" Psalm 45:7

Yes God said touch not mine anointed as long as the anointed stays out of trouble and dabbles not into sin and unrighteousness.
A three fold anointing was operational in David's life.
- A prophetic anointing that makes him to operate in the office of a prophet. - A priestly anointing that makes him operate in the office of a priest. It was on good record that David though a soldier and a king in waiting, asked for the linen ephod a priest's operational undies when confronted with a challenge at Ziklag. I Samuel 30:7. - Of course a kingly anointing which came upon him when Samuel anointed him as king over Israel.
But there and then David overstepped his boundary with God by commiting adultery, snatching the same woman from her husband and killing him to cover his tracks!
Then did God sent a man operating under a single office anointing - a prophetic anointing even Nathan to confront David with his three offices anointing.
A word spoken against David the one with triple office anointing by Nathan with a single office anointing is still operational in Israel till date.
"Now therefore the sword shall never depart from of thine house; II Samuel 12:10 ..."
As at press time today Israel is at war. And that was how it has been.
And till the end of age Isreal will remain on the defensive, always at war! Really the final battle of this age will be fought on the soil of Isreal at the valley of Meggido! "...the sword shall never depart from of thine house;..." II Samuel 12:10.
Bottomline again? To be anointed is not a license to engage in oppresion of others and any form of unrighteousness. Victory in any warfare is ascertained on the condition that you are fighting on righteous ground and for the right cause. The anointing is not an instrument to bully or opress others. No matter how low they are and how high your degree of anointing.
Maybe David's mind skipped that. And I believe that satan the anointed cherub mind skipped that too, thinking that now that he is anointed he has gotten all he is looking for from God. So he can now rebel! Even exalt his throne above God's! Many of us know the rest of the story.
Bottomline again?
What brings the anointing upon you is not 140 days of fasting BUT your relationship with God and a righteous life. Yes, righteous living. "Thou lovest righteousness, and hatest wickedness: therefore God, thy God, hath anointed thee with the oil of gladness above thy fellows" Psalm 45:7.
And what will retain and sustain same anointing is maitaining same good standing with God and living a righteous life. The ground rules still remain loving righteousness and eschewing wickedness. Otherwise a toddler will speak into your life and God will confirm it, as He confirmed Nathan's word spoken to David.
Or can't you just imagine how small children now play with satan's name and sing to ridicule him? You begin to hear them sing "satan commot for road o, I carry Holy Ghost, I go jam you, you go die" Children he would have on a normal day eaten up, same way a cat eat up a mouse!
This is what happens when the anointing is corroded and currupted with unrighteousness and wickedness.
For any not to touch you as His anointed, stay out of sin and stay out of trouble!
Finally brethren, the journey begin on the road to calvary where Christ Jesus paid for your sins and iniquity. The reason you are yet to see the effect of this redemptive work is because you are yet to repent and believe. Repent of your sins and believe on Jesus today and be saved and be anointed.

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