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Mastering The Art Of Living

Words In Season:
God is not only interested in our success, He is also interested in our mastering the art of living.
Reverend Paul Jinadu

"If thou faint in the day of adversity, thy strength is small"
✝ Proverbs 24:10

You have always hear it commonly said "stay out of trouble" In a world that a Reggae musician described with a song as "so much trouble in..." how do we then stay out of trouble or rather have far less of it? Two men of God blessed my soul for life and eternity. One is Reverend Paul Jinadu and the second is Bishop David Abioye. Reverend Paul Jinadu said, the more we know how to live our lives the less problems we will have.
I hate problems. I don't know of others. And the less of it in my life, the better I enjoy life. So am willing to learn how to live my life to have less of problems. I gave up smoking long before I confessed Christ as Lord. So I can have less of health problems! Not even on account of my faith.
The second man of God, Bishop Abioye said in a teaching in Shiloh 2005 that "problems can be avoided" He supported himself from the book Proverbs that said "a prudent man foresees evil and hides himself" Just by being simply discreet and proactive.
And another of Bishop Abioye's teaching over a decade later, he posited that our daily lifestyles determines what brings curses or blessings into our lives. 365 days in a normal year. Imagine 365 cummulative blessings if you live right and well and the cummulative opposite if you live vice versa! That day I trembled at God's holy word!
The second way you can master adversity and gain mastery of life is by feeding your soul with knowledge. The book of Proverbs said "for the soul to be without knowledge, it is not good" In other words, what food is to the stomach is what knowledge is to the soul. Of course for the stomach to be without food it is not good. So goes for the soul without knowledge.
Now what happens when the soul is robust with knowledge just as a stomach is rotund with with food? As the food gives strength to the body, so knowledge gives strenght both to the soul and spirit man and make them strong. So the stronger a man's spirit, the better he is to face and master adversity and be the boss over issues of life. Proverbs said "a wise man is strong, a man of knowledge increaseth strenght" III John equated your prosperity, as proportional the the prosperity of your soul.
The stronger your spirit man, the longer your reach over and the more elevated you are above adversaries consisting of creatures and dark forces behind adversities of life that millions of dollars in cash cannot tackle.
Yet having all these structures on ground, all we can bank on in this life is having LESS of problems compared to that of others whose life and ways are riddled with them.
We can only enjoy a far more sweeter and better breathing space and freedom unlike others, who are in bondage. No thanks to their little or no knowledge of the truth.
Because according to Bishop Abioye with support from the book of Proverbs, quite a large number of these problems of life can be avoided. But not all.
But why not all?
Our spiritual father Reverend Paul Jinadu again took a position which I supported for this answer to the question of "why not all?"
According to him, God is not only interested in our success, but He is also interested in our mastery of the art of living. Beacuse living is an art in itself. I added that to support baba Jinadu's position. And mastery takes being strong. And being strong takes a lot of exercise. You don't enter a fitness center to go and be lifting papers or feathers but weights to develop strong bones and muscles. God does not want us His children to be spiritual weaklings but strong soldiers of His Kingdom.
Therefore adverse situations or adversity rather, are the training gyms where you develop your spiritual muscles. Muscles of a growing progressive and violent faith, muscles of insight deeper understanding and of course of a vibrant prayer life. "...Patient in tribulations, continuing instant in prayer..." Romans 12:12
"For tribulatiins worketh patience and patience experience and experience hope...." Romans 5:3 - 4
"Ghana must go" bags of fresh mint dollar notes cannot facilitate your evasion of this gym experience.
Because In addition to ultimately prospering you and making you a success in life, just as any earthly father desires for his child, God wants you to be strong and bold to gain mastery over life and over forces of darkeness. Same way a Martial Arts coach wants his atheletes strong and fit and good to go. The first charge for a succesfull and victorious warfare in Ephesians 6:10 is, "Be STRONG in The Lord"
And to be strong you've got to be trained. A fat cheque or handsome bank transfer may settle The Dean of a Faculty in a tertiary institution to waive a course like this but not God.
Same way God will not waive your repentance from sins and iniquity to be accepted and be translated into His Kingdom. Not a hundred tipperloads of Euro currencies can fix that!
Rather it is only for you to repent and believe on Jesus Christ and receive Him as Lord for you to be saved and get enlisted for training to master the art of life in His Kingdom.


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Soji Omole

"For The Lord God has given me the tongue of the learned, that I should know how to speak a word in season to him that is weary....." A retired civil servant and business man, Soji among many of his passions love writing and sharing God's word with authority, clarity and simplicity of expression. Never condemning others, yet not condoning their sinful ways. John 8:11. He believes more of The Gospel of Christ as "the power of God into salvation" NOT unto condemnation. Romans 1:16. His vision and mission is the very heart beat of God Himself - "...have all men saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth" ITimothy 2:4. To accomplish this, this medium is what come handy to lift and edify souls, even getting the unsaved among them saved, by speaking "a word in season to him that is weary" Isaiah 50:4. Maximising the power of the internet as a principal tool to reach out. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Soji does not necessarily agree with every content of the adverts on this platform. Including books not authored by him. Many of these adverts are placed by Google AdSense. But with a strict standing order that FORBID adult contents.