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How To Ride The Storms Of Blackmail

Words In Season: "It is your hagglings you focus on in a market, not the noise of those in the market"
African Proverb

"And when the tempter came to him, he said, If thou be the Son of God, command that these stones be made bread."
✝ Matthew 4:3

I want to give glory to God for the lives of great fathers of faith who did not succumb to cheap blackmail in the hands of self styled and self anointed holyness preachers. They have logs of wood enough to fabricate wardrobes in their eyes but kept going after specs of dusts in the eyes of others. Especially those who does not agree with their man made doctrines and who does not see their church as God's end time Noah's Ark!
Cheap black mail is their last resort when all things else fail to sway others who firmly stood their grounds against theirs.
Blackmail of spiritual classifications and segregation between those who are running the Christian race well and will make heaven and those who are not and will not. Along the way creating fear in the hearts of young feeble minded converts who have been thoroughly intimidated to their marrows! A spiritual classification and segregation far worse than old Rwandan Racial classification between Hutus and Tutsis! I am not surprised The Scriptures said judgement will start from the house of God!
Let us leave church awhile and go to our day to day living and relationships. We got them around us. Just seeing doing well and going fine is enough for them to look for something that is not yet done or made right in your life. Then gbam! They begin to capitalise on it. Some may even raise it as an issue right in your presence. And for some to have the effontery and temerity to raise an issue in your presence, be guided a lot of water must have passed under the bridge behind you.
So do you handle such? Stand firm your ground and refuse to be swayed. Stand firm your ground and refuse to succumb to their blackmail by refusing to do their bidding, rubbishing their threats of "do it or else" into the nearby trash can. Even refuse to be ashamed or feel embrassed nor insulted as the case may be. Let your body language tell them "it's not a big deal" As long as it is not. BUT if it is, amend your ways. And if you are struggling with it, cry to God for grace. It is grace that makes a man function without struggle.
That was how Jesus rode the storm of "do it or else" of the devil. "If thou be the Son of God turn this stone to bread" Or else.... And He never cease to be and still remain The Son of God after His refusal to do the "or else" bidding even cheap blackmail of the devil.
You too will never stop to be who you are and what God say you are when you refuse to succumb to blackmail. Stand fast in the liberty where which Christ has set you free and never be entangled with any yoke of bondage no matter cheap the blackmail or threat. Galatians 5:1.
Cheap blackmail and threats predated this century. Ride the storm with integrity of heart and a clear consience.
Ride the storm with an understanding that you are not yet perfect and though not yet perfect, you will outgrow your imperfections with time. Same way a young tree outgrows a mark or wound on it's bark with time. And the dry remants simply peel off got blown away with wind as light fluffly ruffles. Finally breathren, if you don't pick anything from this piece, pick this:...Any who is using anything is to blackmail or slander you is only reminding God of what He is yet to do in your life. So He can act fast. Even if it is a debt, he or she is only reminding God on your behalf that the debt is due for payment.
If you are not in Christ Jesus you will constantly live under the fear of these public opinion predators. Fear of what they are thinking, of what they are feeling and of course what they are saying about you.
Only Jesus can give you the required intestinal gut to call their bluff and stand firm your ground. Come to Jesus now, receive Him into your heart and believe on Him and let Him set you free and proclaim your liberty from the captivity of public opinions and naysayers.


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