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A word In season to change men times and season. A word in season to him that is weary.

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Between A Visionary And A Realist

Words In Season:
"A situation you don't consider, you don't declare. What you don't reckon with, you dont recognise"
The King's Scribe

"And being not weak in faith, he considered not his own body now dead, when he was about a hundred years old, neither yet the deadness of Sarah's womb:"
✝ Romans 4:19

Many eitheir out of egocentric ingnorance or sheer mischief blackmail the teachings and practice of a lifestyle of faith and attendant prosperity as teaching a roller coaster gospel. Or rather an utopiab eldorado life and living. What a delibrate and callous mischief!
Those whp live by faith, practise prosperity principles and enjoy all round prosperity go through challenges too.
But 1). The challenges they face are not great in intensity and severity like that of the wicked fools and ignorant who don't live by faith nor practice prosperity principles. Everything in live have sizes and variation. That is why tempreatures have degrees, objects have weight and measures.....
2). They experience challenges but like father Abraham, they don't consider nor confess it out but they rather declare God's word and promises over that experience. So, they don't verbally aknowledge it nor react with their body language. But rather kept believing God for a reversal to the opposite of whatever they are experiencing, by speaking and declaring it.
But not so for the realists. They would rather call a spade a spade when God's word said "let the weak say I am strong"
Visionaries see beyond the present situation. They don't take it as the status quo but rather hope and believe for a change of story. Realists can't see beyong their nose, so they settle for the status quo.
3). Since visionaries believed and therefore have they spoken, it shall certainly be unto them as they have believed.
But the unbelieving believers and pessimistic realists get stuck in their situation. And it will take the mercy of God for them not to get consumed with it. And until God's mercy intervenes the affliction may be uncessarily proplonged for days, weeks, months if not years.
At Ziklag David lost his wives, properties and all but recovered them in a matter of 24 hours through faith, divine direction and action. Job lost his and his friends declared a 7 days of mourning before even knowing the way forward on the path to recovery. Which was again took several more days.
Because Job wasted more days trying to like a lawyer put it to God how much He has been while he - Job was the one right. Job 32:1
But David never waste time with God when issues involve him and God on who is right or wrong. One is not surprised he said "weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning"
You too can be like David today. By being humble enough to admit you have been wrong all these years of your life. Then acknowledge your sins, confess and repent of them and believing on Jesus to forgive and save you from them. This is your way forward on the path to recovery.


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