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A word In season to change men times and season

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When God Steps In, They Step Out

Words In Season:
"Outward circumstances may hinder for a time, but nothing can long stand against the power of God"
A.W. Tozer

"Say unto God, how terrible art Thou in thy works! through the greatness of thy power shall thy enemies submit themselves unto Thee"
Psalm 66:3
It can only last a season, whatever the seemingly prevailing circumstances now. It does not matter how life threatening it is or the level of desperation it put one. It's all for a while. When God steps in with His power, the forces behind it must hurriedly pack their things and leave the scene. One must go for the other. And your guess is good as mine on which one must bow out! Or need one guess which one bows out when light enters into a dark place, no matter how thick the darkness is?
You have tried fake and "Taiwan made" powers enough. You have suffered enough indignities too disgusting to describe here, all in the name of looking for power. It is time to come for the real deal. Real power! Readily available for free, but only for no-monetary price tags and terms: 1.) You must repent of your sins and forsake them. Then believe on Christ Jesus The One and Oly Who can save and have all powers in heaven and on earth. Matthew 28:18 2.) You must never mix His power with other powers which of course are lesser in potency and action. Exodus 20:3.
***When You Take Refuge In Him, He Bears You On His Wings***

3). You must have and serve no other god beside Giver of this power - The Almighty Himself. Exodus 20:3 - 4. And the way to Him? Jesus said "I am The Way, The Truth and The Life; no man cometh unto The Father, but by me" John 14:6.
***The Whole Universe Obeys Only One Master And None Other***

Come to Jesus, The One that said; "I am The Way The Truth and The Life" Yes, The Only Way To The Father; and let Him save you and freely give you unlimited access to His powers that is above all other power. Be they in the heavenly places, on earth or underneath the earth.

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