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What Is The Meaning Of OVERcome?

***The Grand Effigy And Edifice Of Overcomers***

Words In Season:
In any combat, the deadliest strategy is to allow the opponent expend his energy and wear himself out before you strike.
The King's Scribe

"The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill and to destroy; but I AM come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly" John 10:10

Why would Jesus allow the devil to first come become He comes? So that the devil can expend his energy and wear himself out. Then will He come after him. And that is what is called overcome. The word overcome has similarity to words like overwrite, overrule etc. Something has been written earlier, then you overwrite.
And that which overwrites come to stay to eraze and supecede what is earlier written. That is what is meant to overcome. The devil came, Jesus OVERcame. The devil writes, Jesus OVERwrite. Colosians 2:14. And that erazed what was written before. A law was in force and ruling before, setting a reccuring pattern. Another law came to OVERrule that law.
And of course it also goes for OVERpower. A power came in force first, be it muscular, martial or spiritual but another stronger and higher came to OVER....Call it OVERtake or just any OVER.....
At calvary, the devil came and expended all his energies on Him. Name any kind of wickedness, the devil expended and spent them all on Jesus. Then after the devil is spent and exhausted, Jesus came. And overcame him. We all know that the third day He resurrected to put finishing touches to the victory when He destroyed and nailed the devil's coffin for good by His death!

Ever since, the principle and protocol of victory over the devil is God's allowing him to come first and expend all his energies and wear himself out. Then a blow by the authority and power in The Name of Jesus comes to squash his head and overcome him. I define authority as an irresible force backed the power of a state. A 50 tonne lorry carrying a 40 tonne billets of iron stops when a traffics officer weighting 45 kilograms stands and raise his white gloved hands at the driver. What stopped the lorry? Could it be the "heavy" weight of the traffic officer?
That is what spiritual authority to overcome the devil and his angels and and agents in their names and numbers is all about. That authority is backed by The Government and State of The Kingdom of Heaven. Therefore whatsover you bind on earth shall be bound Heaven. Your size, height or weight is of no consequence! What are you going through? God only allowed the devil to first come, to expend his energy and get exhausted. After, He will come and overcome him and overwrite all his programmes against your disc operating system. And then give you permanent victory. Allelujah!!!
You need Him on your side always to win the battles of life. Because these battles are too real to be denied. And you need somebody like Jesus as formidable ally. Therefore, surrender your life to Him today.

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