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Those Who Fit Your History But Not Your Future

 Words In Season:

You need to hang out with people who fit your future, not your history.



"Brethren, I count not myself to have apprehended: but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before..." Philippians 3:13


David met Michal as a beautiful and delectable and cultured princess full of grace and carriage.But as years pass by things began to change both in Michal's life either due to mixing with toxic elements or vissitudes of life or both. All David knew was that Michal is no longer the beauty and character he once knew. The Michal that now despise any who display zeal for the God of  Isreal is not the one David knew before. 

Michal now belong to David's history and the past. Unlike the likes of Abigael, Bathsheba who are now new entrants into David's life.

There is this saying that twenty children can not play for twenty years. It does not necessarily mean relocation or demise is what will be responsible for this. Some may no longer fit into the mould of your present again. Not to talk of the mould of your future. Therefore you've got to let go of them. For life and for eternity.

Some may not share your conviction and belief system. Since two cannot go together except they be agreed, you have to take a walk and call it a day. Or of what use is endless arguements based on your different positions with such? I mean debates that drain emotional energy and gender into strifes? Time to move on, guy.
The friends and peers of Jesus in His adelescent years at in the carpentry workshop, many who came for random gists, play games of card etc, can only fit into His history. But when He began to reel out God's purpose for His life from the scriptures on that fateful sabbath day at the synagogue, they can't come to terms with the new reality. Because they did not fit into His future. Same goes for many neighbours, customers and co tenants of Joseph His earthly father. The couldn't fit in. So He was left with no choice than let go of them and look for new friends like Peter, James and John.
But there is Someone you can't afford not to agree with. Because both you and Him need to go together for the journey of life to be smooth and for things hitherto difficult for you can become as easy as eating a fried egg. Which is what the supernatural is about - things difficult to do in the realm of the physical ordinary becoming easy in the realm of the spiritual extraordinary. But you and Him must agree. Then can the two of you go together. His name is Jesus The Son of The Living God.
The first step step to take to agree with Him is to believe in Him and all He says. Then begin to do them as you confess Him as Lord and Saviour at the same time. #IstandforTheGospelofChrist

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