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One Thing Is Seeing God Another Thing Is Pleasing Him

Words In Season: "Learn to say to God 'I am trusting you even when I cannot trace You'"

                                               Rev. Paul Jinadu 


"And being not weak in faith, he considered not his own body now dead, when he was about an hundred years old, neither yet the deadness of Sara's womb:

He staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief; but was strong in faith, giving glory to God;And being fully persuaded that, what he had promised, he was able also to perform.

And therefore it was imputed to him for righteousness."

              Romans 4:19 - 22 KJV


When believing and trusting God in difficult situations, as in exercising your faith against the tide of contrary circumstances,  

God always allow two options:

1). Resign to fate. 

2). Refuse to give up.

That is to either give up or press on to the mark of obtaining what he promised.

Option one is quite easier especially for the feeble minded. More easier to wash their nets like Peter and his fellow fishermen, berth their vessels and head home. Then be whistling "what gonna be gonna be" as they go. Thank God Jesus stepped in and gave them the first test and lesson rolled into one in discipleship - Faith when things seem not to add up.

But since not many will have that privilege of physical one on one encounter with The Master, they choose the easier route - give up. Or if occasion demands it RUN. Even if Jesus had stepped in, what if they refuse to cast their already washed nets? Or did it not happen in Isaiah when He assured them that "in returning and rest" shall they be saved but instead opted to flee? And because God don't impose His ways on others, He answered them "therefore shall ye flee..."

Some school of thought called option one "the least line of resistance" To give up, throw in the towel or even flee! That option is less tasking both emotionally and mentally.

Now to option two - refusal to give up. Pressing on despite the odds and contrary negative circumstances, especially having heard God spoken and promised. Even negative circumstances of a ninety nine year old that cannot last a round and a woman in her late eighties with a dead womb, both expecting a male child! Abraham originally opted for option one by nominating Eleazer his chief servant, if it is just a matter of a son of promise. Abraham was prepared to take the easy exit. But God said no.

Abraham must go for option two. Option two involves a lot of gut, emotional intelligence and grit. And not all possess that. 

In my work place in 1986, I opened the dictionary to find out the meaning of the word "gut" having been hearing it oftentimes; and found it as MENTAL TOUGHNESS. Not all are that mentally tough. Reason God impute righteousness to any who excise his faith barring all odds to obtain His promises, as righteousness.

For someone to still have capacity to believe, trust and hold on to God in the face zero hour adverse circumstances, is a quality that endears to God make Him to impute righteousness into such. IT IS A MANIFESTATION OF STRENGTH OF CHARACTER. Yes, capacity to hold on and stand strong holding on and fast to His promises and the profession of your faith in them without wavering until they come into manifestion. A lot of mental and emotional energies are involved. And NOT all got them. To any who got them and can trust God to the end with their faith not wavering, God impute righteousness. Yes, the likes of Abraham. Why? Because it also takes principled integrity in addition to that strength character to do that.
A principled and strenght of character that refuse to look for an alternative but take God as One and only alternative. Such kind of faith is not for feeble minded and weak willed. Not for weaklings and cowardly but for the strong. 

One is not surprised Job's wife accosted him "do you still hold on to your integrity?...." Yes believing and holding on to God till light flash out at the end of the tunnel takes integrity and strength of character. It takes grit and lots of gut. That is why God impute into such men righteousness. Because their integrity and consistency has been proven along the line. 

To such men living a holy life is a NOT struggle for them. Holyness of life and righteousness flows naturally. They live holy and righteous with ease and by faith like Paul who said "I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me" They live it out naturally out of a mutual trust and relationship and walk with God Who they know intimately as holy and righteous Himself. Out of love, passion and dedication to Him. Theirs is born out of a desire to obey and please Him in all things. Not until a pastor harangue them with straight jacket doctrines! For the sake of emphasis - they live holy out of mutual trust and relationship and walk with God.

Unlike others who do so escape the flames of hell, forgetting The One Who holds the key to it and got power both to kill and cast men there. I wonder how many people will still be in "Holyness Churches" today supposing there is nothing called hell. We would rather leave that as subject of another day.

Meaning these tensed up bundle of nerves are living holy out of sheer self preservation or rather just to play safe with God. But nothing more to it like a deep covenant relationship and walk Him, like these great fathers of fathers of faith. Their goal is to make heaven and escape the flames of hell. So they stuggle inside and look miserable outside! Even goats can be scared with canes not to come near a basket of maize. Yes, and just to escape being flogged, the goats will keep off but deep in their heart of hearts they badly want to have a feel and taste of that maize! Same goes for those who are driven to live holy by the fear of hell.

Therefore when it comes to matters of tensile faith, these people lose out at obtaining God's precious promises and blessings. Because they know not much of God, much more of loving Him, other  than a God Who punishes sinners and nothing more. And since they have option one to fall back on, they go for it  - which is to forgo and give up on whatever legitimate pursuit  they they are after, which God even promised them. Because the intestinal gut and staying power plus strength of character it takes, is not there. From there they graduate to legalism. Legalisms of taste not, touch not, wear this apparel and don't wear that apparel to cover up their spiritual malnourishment. And since obtaining many of such promises make little or no difference on their journey to escape the wrath of God in hell, they cave in to dejection and resign to fate. Rationalising them as "worldly" pursuits. But which in actual sense angered God, same way it did Him with the twelve spies that went to spy Kadesh Barnea! But true to God Who knows the heart of all men, it happened to the twelve spies according to their individual faith.

God swore in His wrath that the ten unbelieving will not enter the promised land. While Caleb and Joshua who believed despite seeing the so called giants pleased God and entered the promised land and still made heaven at the same time.

We will leave  matters to another day with a Yoruba proverb. It says, "the limit of the resources you have,

will determine how well you enjoy the products and services of the white man" The more enlarged your heart to love and know Who God is, walk with Him and the stronger your faith in Him is, to believe Him and His promises, both general and specific and stand strong despite contrary winds and storms, the more you will enjoy Him. You are yet to see God physically, yet you believed He lives and reigns in the affairs of men.

Good conviction. You are not far from The Kingdom of God as Jesus told that lawyer. It is now time to take a step further. To take a step further by first acknowledging that you are far from Him because of your sins. We refuse to condemn you, because Jesus did not come to condemn but save the world and that includes you. Come to Jesus today, repent of your sins and believe on Him as Lord and Saviour. And He will forgive you and save you. Then you can start your own exciting walk of faith with This invisible God Who loves you so much. 


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