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What Fashion Is The Cross You Are To Carry Like?

Words In Season:
When you blame a man for where you are, you transfer the power to change from where you are to the man. Abridged & Adopted
Bearing: "For Everyman shall bear his own burden" Galatians 6:5.
Bottomline: Adam shifted the blame to Eve, and Eve in turn shifted the blame to the serphent. And ever since the blame game has continued. Exclusively played by men who will never ever take responsibility to face facts about their lives and the way forward. Jesus said if any man want to follow Him, let him deny himself, carry his cross and follow Him. But many have misinterpreted this cross to mean sicknesses, sufferings, afflictions etc. So even if a man and his family is now paying dearly and grievously, in carrying the double portion of Achan and Gehazi punishments, for coveting a neighbour's property kept in their custody, they are carrying their cross.
Or if another is rather paying for his ignorance and negligence of his divine duties, he must be carrying his cross. But God's word said in the book of James that let any when he's being tempted say I am being tempted of God, for God tempts no man with evil. Shooting straight from the hips, denying your self and taking up your cross means DISCPLINE AND RESPONSIBILITY. That is the cross you are to carry as a believer. It takes discipline to deny yourself or even defer a legitimate gratification like food or material needs till another time or maybe another day as the case may be. Food is smelling nicely from the kitchen but that day happens to be a day you wait on God on a fast, then, you've got to deny yourself. And that takes discipline.
A fine designer shoe you saw in a boutique of your exact size and taste, but what remains on you are your tithes, which Jesus Himself commanded "...this ye ought to do..." Then you've got to take your eyes off and let go of that shoe. And that again takes resolute discipline. We can go on and on. Same goes for the cross of general and specific divine instructions you must carry out in your day to day lifestyle as a Christian believer. The flesh is saying no, but you have to put it under and say a firm "yes I must" This is the cross you are meant to carry daily as a believer. When you discipline yourself to carry out these duties and responsibilities, certainly and as sure as day breaks after a night, you must reap the rewards in bountiful folds. Because, He has not called the seed of Jacob to seek Him in vain. And "faithful is He that calleth...." To do otherwise and the chickens come home to roost, and then blaming a man or woman is only postponing your day of.......
So also is you reading this and postponing your day of salvation by shifting it to another day. It is really you Christ is speaking to and seeking today. That you should come unto Him and receive grace to be saved and to function without struggle, to carry out your divine duties and responsibilities to your Maker while you are here on earth.

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