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A Manifestation Contrary To Their Expectations

This story, which was heard first in Jerusalem two thousand years ago, has now been carried to all the earth. The Child of the promise, whose birth was foretold centuries before it happened, grew up to be the Messiah the world had long awaited. Elizabeth’s son became John the Baptist, an important figure in this great drama, for he would prepare the hearts of the people to receive Jesus as their Savior. And they needed John’s help, because Jesus wasn’t what they were expecting.
People expected the grand entrance of a king, but Jesus came quietly to a stable. They expected Him to appear to the wealthy and prominent, but He visited the poor and obscure. They looked for fanfare, but that could only be seen in the spirit realm by the humble. He came as what the world needed, but many rejected Him because He wasn’t what they wanted. He became a sanctuary to those who worshiped Him and a snare to those who would not. He was a mirror to reflect the inner workings of the heart, both good and evil. He became hope to those who were hopeless in their pain, sickness, sorrow, and grief. He visited people who had no way out and enabled them to transcend their circumstances.
He is The bridge Builder.........
He stood beside the defenseless, to be their champion. He came to people who needed His power, to intervene in their lives and change them forever. Real people like you and me. Stormie Omartian
And Now To The.............. Bottomline: Christ is the reason for this season, we have all been hearing. But what is that reason? Primarily to save humanity from their sins and restore them into fellowship with their Maker. Time to celebrate a Christmas with difference, whereby the hosts of heaven will celebrate along with you, when you repent from your sins and believe in Jesus to save and deliver you from them and restore your life to align with God's original plan. #IstandforTheGospelofChrist

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