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He Made Them They Did Not Make Him

Words In Season:
When God speaks, direct or through a messenger, a law is set in motion.
    Soji Omole

"That confirmeth the word of His servants, and performeth the counsel of His messengers;..."
     Isaiah 44:26

If any wants to understand better how God's word and instructions become a law, he doesn't need to enrol for a law course or go to a law school. Let him pick a good physics textbook and read. As it goes in the physical laws to it goes in the spiritual laws. You just name all the laws. Law of gravity, Charles laws, Newton law of motion, how mass and weight determines velocity of force and speed etc, etc.

As they are in physical laws so they are in spiritual laws!
For example, if a man jumps down from a 15 storey building, even if he and any begin to speak in the tongue of angels, bind every demon in from appolon to abaddon to all witches in his village, you will agree with me that by the time you finish this reading this paragraph, he would have landed on the bare concrete below.
Depending on where he lands be it on his head or back. Who and what resisted prayers for him to stay afloat in the air?
Blocks of apartments in Ilupeju gardens for sale. Call: 07083650271 for detailed information The law of gravity set in motion from foundation of the world to keep men He made floating in the air but rather their feet and all that are theirs firmly on the ground he commanded out of the waters for them. Genesis 1:9 - 10. Including their houses, cars, trees both the ones He commanded out of the soil for them and ones they later planted themselves.

Therefore any who now challenge this law, like the man who jump from a 15 storey is simply on a suicide mission!
And if at there is going to be a necessity to navigate the law upwards another law have to be put in motion again, scientific or technological or spiritual.
Scientific or technological like flying an air plane or cruising a chopper or shooting a rocket. Spiritual like Elijah who ascended into heaven in a chariot of fire or our Lord and Master Himself, Who ascended up to heaven directly without even needing a chariot, after accomplishing His mission. Acts 1:9
To go into other examples is to start another physics class.
But straight the point, every law that governs the universe has been sent in motion by God who created the universe, scientific, moral or spiritual. When you align yourself with them, you enjoy and live fulfilled. If you go against them, you pay! Maybe grievously, depending on the gravity.
Same applies to words spoken by God, a force is in motion to actualise and bring it to pass.
Jesus said "give and it shall be given unto you" Even if a pagan practices it, it happen to him what he makes to happen to others. That's why money is not a monopoly of any particular religion or faith. Any who knows how to: -
- give it generously
- wisely invest it
- wisely manage and not waste the proceeds of return on investment (ROI), reinvest and diversify it to other ventures will have this wallets and accounts filled with it. Even if he is a pagan!
And an ignorant over indoctrinated Spirit filled Christian can still even be his Personal Assistant and yet be gloating and fussy over that.
And if any Christian believer feels he's got brain and he is related to a Bishop or Apostle and therefore they are enough to pull strings, WITHOUT practising any of these principles. After he's done going in circles for decades, jumping from singing, to writing musical books, taking pictures with dignitaries he fancies or crossed his path etc. etc, he will meet God still arrayed majestically on His Throne! Unchanging!
We can go on and on citing instances. But the nitty gritty and conclusion of the matter is: "fear God and keep His commandments, for this is the whole duty of man" Ecclesiastes 12:13
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Stop citing instances of Pastors who are doing this or that as your excuse for not making peace with your Maker. Pastors did not create Him, but He created them. Though some of talk and act as if they created Him. But the truth is that He created them. Not only that, He created every law that make them to function.
Same goes for the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus (Romans 8:2). Whosoever believes and confesses Jesus as Lord and Saviour, this law is set in motion in his life to set him free from the bondage of sin. Accept Jesus today and be free from eternal damnation hereafter and be free from being blown around by winds of life.


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