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Can Any Run Faster Than God?

God determines when the cup of His wrath the gentiles will be full
God alone determines when the cup of the gentiles will be full
Words In Season:
Ignorance of God's timing is what trouble His creatures.
  African Song

"Take ye heed, watch and pray: for ye know not when the time is."
     Mark 13:33

To those asking about 5G,
5G is an improvement over 4G it is 10x faster than 4G. 5G is not the 666 but 5G is part of the medium for introducing the 666. How ? Now take a look at this.
With a 5G network, you don't need to move around with your Phone. You just keep it at home. But a MicroChip will be implanted under your skin. With that Micro Chip you can answer your phone with your body and you can call someone with your body without using phone. The device can read your mind. They know your next action before you take it.
With a 5G MicroChip Implant, you don't need an International Passport at the airport and you can do any banking transaction any where in the world. Meaning that you can use it to buy and sell. (As you can you see that BUY AND SELL in Rev 13: 17 - 28).
Tomorrow or in the nearest future rather, a leader would rise up and say nobody should buy and sell until he or she has that MicroChip (666).  And that is what the Bible warned us clearly about, 2000 years ago in Revelation 13:17 - 18
They know Christians many of who have an understanding of this warning from the Bible will not buy the Idea of MicroChip Implant and that is why the likes of Bill Gates, a confirmed FREEMASON is saying everybody in the world should take vaccination. They want to secretly introduce the Implant through vaccines and of course we Christians will certainly say a capital NO to this worldwide vaccination plan. Because whether the MicroChip is the 666 or not, God has warned us in Revelation 13:17 - 18, thousands of years before this evil people were born not to put any microchip Implant in our body.
To short circuit any resistance they produced a disease and the same them that produced it, are bringing a solution to the disease - a vaccine. A vaccine linked to a microchip! Pause and think about that.....
Of course we can't stop their plans, because God didn't say we (Christians) can stop them,  but we have to warn people, not to fall to their traps. We have to warn people to safeguard their souls and seek The Lord now or never and like never before.
Now 50% of this evil people that brought this CORONA VIRUS live in America.
The coming of Donald Trump to power dealt savagely with their plans. And that's why they have to move to China, an ungodly nation to launch it.
But THE GOOD NEWS is that God is both above them and against them, because they are trying to go faster than God. And no one can move faster than God! Because as long as the Church of Christ remain solidly on ground on earth, they canNOT have their way yet!
So simply speaking, Gates and his cohorts with their inordinate ambition are moving faster than God - The game Master Himself.
The One Whose divine agenda accommodated their foolish ambition to rule the world for a period of just 7 years! Not even an 8 year term in a democratic setting. But yet, it still has to be at God's OWN pace and NOT theirs!
And there is nothing they and all their technologies put together can do about that.
As long as the Church of God is on ground here on earth, they can't go further. They will remain hindered until the Church of God "be taken out of the way" IIThessalonians 2:7 - 8.
"....then shall the wicked be revealed, who The Lord shall consume with the spirit of His mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of His coming:...."

Take NOTE of the first word "then". Until "then"  any of the plans of these men to move ahead of God is DEAD ON ARRIVAL. Or at worst put on hold until "then"
These people think they are intelligent but unknown to them they can not destroy Earth that they did not create. Neither can they mover faster than God nor ahead of Him That have all the aces of end time agenda up His sleeves! Hallelujah!
The CORONA VIRUS, 5G and the MicroChip is just a rehearsal by this evil people , they can not force it on everybody until "then" When Christians are raptured away for the wedding feast when JESUS CHRIST IS GLORIFIED with His bride - the Church. When the Church of God that hitherto hinders them is taken out of the way. Therefore CHRISTIANS need not get panicking and start getting jittery on issues of life that JESUS CHRIST is coming now,  saying of what use there is about this life again and lose hope in life. Nor should l some gullible ones among them begin sell their things and cancel their plans and goals!
Yes, yes and yes again, JESUS CHRIST is coming very soon BUT nobody knows when, not the angels, not even The Son Himself BUT the father alone.
Mark 13:32, said:
"But of that day and that hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels which are in heaven, neither the Son, but the Father"
Therefore please go ahead with your normal activities and plans. Set your goals, go after them and achieve them. Go to school, get married , aspire in life BUT be more wiser. Work out your action plans to accomplish every of your desired purpose.
Make your plans and set your goals as if Jesus will not come in your own time, but live your life as if He will come in the next one hour.
Watch and pray with the consciousness that JESUS can come the next minute. Stop living carelessly anymore. But rather wake up and put your house in order.
Let that long awaited revival begins with you at personal level, corporate is it may. As we wait for his coming at anytime. Let's Preach the Gospel everywhere in the world and lead as many people as possible to Jesus.
Especially now that we have learnt our lessons to never again in the church of God use successes of Bill Gates and Warren Buffet etc as yardsticks and reference points to Biblical success.
Finally brethren, let any reading this see the opportunity in the midst of this difficulty to submit and surrender to The Lordship of Jesus. Yes opportunity for salvation of his or her soul. By accepting Him as Lord, Master and Saviour and be saved from their sins and the harvests of heavy wages of punishments here and hereafter.


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