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Safeguard Your Emotions - Avoid Arguments

Another safer Biblical way of dealing with anger is to prevent it by avoiding debates and arguments.
 Arguments tense up emotions and of course can provoke anger
Before you know it the other party begin to hit you below the belt "....but I thought you are a graduate with a first class degree..." etc. Of course you won't find it funny when someone begin to question your academic qualifications.
But how did you got yourself into this mess?
Allowing yourself to be dragged into into an argument or debate. Because the other party said "let us discuss" And you fell for it. Discuss what? The faith handed over to us by our fathers or that the Road to Lokoja in Kogi State from Gwagwalada Abuja is Along Kaduna Zaria road?
3 Biblical references and I will share my personal strategy on how to avoid arguments. Not strategies but a STRATEGY.
First to the Bible.

1). Paul sternly warned us against "debates that gender into strifes......"
And before a strife ensured, a party must first get angry, because the other party infected him with the conovirus of provocation
I need not warn you further.
2). Devil has never changed his strategy.
Normally when he wants to lure you into argument his word is always "Let us discuss"
All Eve heard was "hast God said....?" Meaning also "let us discuss"
Never contribute to Any "let us discuss" arguments, that challenge your God inspired conviction and persuasion. 
Had Eve not heeded the devils "let us discuss" that day, I believe the story would have been different today.
But she went into discussion. And the result was even worse than Eve mere getting angry! It sealed her destiny and that of her husband - Adam. It would have been excusable if Eve had merely gotten angry at satan and walked him out of the garden, or walked out on him! But em.......
- Proverbs said "get out of the presence of a fool when though perceive NOT in him a word of understanding" meaning walk out on him or rather walk him out of your presence. Yes, before he pollutes you.
- Proverbs said again "whoso wanders out of the way of understanding shall remain in the congregation of the dead" Does the living argue with the dead?

3). Peter said in one of his Epistles "No scripture is of any private interpretation"
The devil gave Eve a private interpretation of  the passage "of the treešŸŒ² of the of  knowledge of good and evil thou SHALL NOT EAT THEREOF" First he began with "hast God said?" Meaning "let us discuss..."
And mother Eve fell for "let us discuss" you SHALL NOT fall for such in Jesus name! More of getting angry in the process of heated arguments with your opponent to the point of exchanging insults! And if care is not taken, exchange blows!
Now, both parties in an argument are both wrong.
Because both are insecure.
1). The other party got his facts wrong and for that reason he is insecure. So he needs some one to validate him. *If you are sure your facts are right you need not any to validate you and you need not tell any let us discuss But since you are insecure....
2). The other party got his facts and got his bearings right, BUT he is UNSURE  AND INSECURE. So any little let us discuss summon, he or she falls for it like Eve.
Eve had her facts STRAIGHT FROM GODbut she feels unsure and insecure because the forbidden fruit looks somewhat attractive And the enemy of her soul cashed on it! So when she heard let us discuss she went for a second opinion....And we all knew the rest of the story.
Finally brethren, let me now share my strategy....
When I am wrong, I am wrong. Jimmy Cliff sang "you can't be wrong and be right" And am ready to be corrected by a Creche pupil.
But when I get my facts on ground and have "proved all things..." as the Bible said, through The Spirit of The Living God and by the Inspiration of The Almighty Job 32:8 Having verified and validated it further from authorities higher and more matured than I, (NOT NOVICES), coupled with references of proven integrity, I form my conviction. A conviction that matures into a hard-line persuasion.
 When any now raise a "para" contrary with over 208 verses of scriptures and then say let us discuss, me having an understanding that even the devil know the scriptures and can quote it with accuracy, I will simply walk out on him and maintain a "deafening" silence. I did not say a deafening noise but a "deafening silence"
I will not even tell him my position on the matter. Because that was what Eve tried to do. She tried to declare her position on the forbidden fruit until she got overridden by a "superior" argument.
By maintaning a personal deafening silence in the face of "let us discuss" snares, I safeguard my emotions, thereby safeguarding my head and destiny
Imagine Eve maintaining a "deafening silence" on the serpent that day in the Garden. Of course you and I will still be in that same Garden today!
If there is anything you are not to maintain a deafening silence to, it is Christ knock at the door of your heart. "Behold I standeth at the door...." Yes the door of your heart! And He's knocking. Open the door to Him today and receive Him into your heart as Lord and Saviour.

#I standForTheGospelOfChrist#

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