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After The Falling Away What Next?

Meggido In Israel

Words In Season:
If the teachers be divided, what will the students do? 
    A.W. Tozer 

"For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places." 
"All these are the beginning of sorrows."    Matthew 24:7 - 8

Yeah, with this "bloodless" biological world war III, many people of God are now saying the end is at hand. 
Of course "behold He cometh in the clouds"
But let us notice the words highlighted in bolds in our bearings above.

"Pestilence" and "beginning"
Yes, the pestilence of Conovirus a.k.a. COVID19 has become a pandemic now. But Jesus said these are the "beginning" of sorrows. 

Again let us take note of this:......
"...for that day SHALL NOT COME, except there come a FALLING AWAY first and that man of sin be revealed...." 
II Thessalonians 2:3.
Meaning UNTIL or EXCEPT certain things happen FIRST, "THAT DAY SHALL NOT COME
1). First a falling away
2). The man of sin be revealed. 
Among many of the international figures on our table, who among them could be or will be the man of sin to be revealed?
Or could the Antichrist be coming from China? All we know and are sure of is after the rapture and towards the end of the great tribulation, the great army that will march against Israelis to attack them and face Christ on the plain of Megiddo is going to be the Chinese army - Magog. Who leads this army will certainly be a Chinese.
The plain of Megiddo 
BUT who is the man of sin to be revealed? Is he already alive or yet to be born?
As for the "FALLING AWAY...." that one is already happening, with a pandemic worse than Conovirus itself!
Men are now teaching toxic obnoxious falsehoods and heresies, quoting scriptures to support themselves.
For example a self styled, self anointed and self seeking evangelist opined that sinners punishment will not be for eternity. But they will be burnt to ashes once and for all!
And In the book of Jude this "Evangelist" quoted to support his position, what I saw, read and understood there is "vengeance of ETERNAL fire" 🔥 Jude 7.
Even a nursery 4 pupil understands the meaning of the word "ETERNAL....."
Am even now scared of attending the fellowship where I met this "Evangelist"
So there is falling away already......but when will the man of sin be revealed? Even the son of perdition! Is he already here or yet to be born?

The mountain and the plain of Megiddo
And he backed up his claims with a GRAMMATICAL and BIOLOGICAL definition of death, to mean CESSATION of life! Forgetting that man be he a saint or sinner is an ETERNAL spirit! Just as God in Whose Image man was made is an ETERNAL Spirit. John 4:24.
Meggido: The final battlefield
To any reading this, time to run from the wrath which is to come is now. Upon sinners and upon all who hold the truth of God in unrighteousness. We are in last days and at the tether of God's end time agenda. Take refuge in Jesus The Saviour today and He will save you to the uttermost and you will be on the safer side.


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