A word in season to him that is weary. A word in season to change men times and season

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The Language Of Fire!

Words In Season:
No matter how a man knows how to walk, his head will tilt left or right.
African Proverb.

"For he that speaketh in an unknown tongue speaketh not unto men, but unto God:.....howbeit in The Spirit he speaketh mysteries"
                I Corinthians 14:2

There is not only power in speaking in tongues, there is edification in it. With all authority of heaven - the seat of the ultimate power, I declare this. Otherwise Jesus won't itemise it as one of the signs that will follow a believer. Mark 16:17.
But why all this, you may ask?
When a preacher I highly esteemed and respected, in an attempt to lay emphasis on the power of God's word, spoke to the contrary, I nearly fainted! Or if there is NO power in it, why waste your time speaking it, yourself?
But having an understanding of him over the years, that out of his passion when teaching a particular subject of truth, he has tendencies to relegate others of equal importance to the background, I let go but did not agree with him shá. Neither did I allow that to alter my deep respect, love and affection for him and his ministry. No man no matter his degree of anointing is above mistake.
But we need to set the records straight, lest young converts derail and get confused in that very area.
We all knew that sorcerers of this world would first speak to demons, or "irúnmolès" before confronting anything or any man. And we know the effect. How much more of someone who first spoke in mysteries unto God, The father of all spirits and "irunmoles" before confronting just anything? Hebrews 12:9b.

Meaning you cannot speak mysteries in unknown language unto God and still remain the same person again. You must certainly be empowered by so doing. Just like a voodoo priest can't remain the same again after communing with mediums, no matter the language he or she uses. Be it incantations or enchantments.
How much more of you speaking in an unknown language only God Himself understood and not even you the speaker?
All Moses did was to sight His backside - Exodus 33:23, 34:6 - and we all know the long term effect. How much more of you and I who speak unto Him eyeball to eyeball in mysteries for minutes and hours?
Please let's be guided. Not teleguided.
The Bible was not yet in print when Elijah the Tishbite spoke and rain ceased for 3 years. Then he spoke again and it began to rain.
1Kings 17:1, 1Kings 18: 42 - 45.
But just like a sorcerer will first speak to spirits before demonstrating, who did Elijah first spoke to, be it known or unknown language, before coming to manifest and demonstrate His power?
We can go on and on.
The final word before we make the altar call is, after the metamorphosis of the scrolls into the the canonised Holy Bible, containing the fire of God's Word, the hammer that break the hard rock in pieces, there is now a synergy of operations between The word of God and The Spirit of The Living God. None doing away with other.
The same perfect synergy at creation. God's Spirit moved, then He spoke. Genesis 1: 2 - 3.
To those outside reading this, all being said sound like Greek and Latin. Yes it will until you into a covenant with God by coming to the foot of the cross to lay your burden of sin and receive forgiveness and redemption through Christ Jesus. Then the scales and blindfold will fall off your eyes, then can you read all over again and understand.


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