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The Ground Rules Of Spiritual Power

Words In Season:
Let us do it as it ought to be done so the outcome can be as it ought to be. An African Proverb

"Thou hast loved righteousness, and hated iniquity; therefore God, even thy God, hath anointed thee with the oil of gladness above thy fellows."
         Hebrews 1:9

When an African native doctor fortifies his client, he prescribes certain taboos that can spoil it. The dos and don'ts to keep the "fortified" fortified or else......
Same goes for any who wants to be a carrier of the power of our Father's Kingdom. Any that desires God to fortify him as He said in Jeremiah 1:18; and well as wield His exceeding great power to us ward that believe in Ephesians 1:19, must abide by the ground rules.
The ground rules  of:
                 - Holiness
                 - Righteousness
                 - Purity
                 - Obedience
                 - Faith that doubts nothing.
Because doubt itself is a sin on it's own.
Not to take our time with long grammars, holiness is consciousness of what offends and pleases God, and being conscious of what God allows and forbid. Then falling in line and abiding with them accordingly. It that simple elementary mathematics.
Righteousness is consciousness of what hurts, harms and endanger your fellowman; and what helps, support and blesses your fellowman. And complying with such in word and deeds of kindness and charity with humbless of spirit.
The book of Proverbs said devise not evil against your neighbour, seeing he dwells safely with you.
And this bring us to the purity aspect. Which is a sum of devices and thoughts in your heart and feelings, joyful or bitter;  rebellious towards God or submissive and reverent. Towards your fellowman, nasty or nice. Hostile or friendly. Out of which spring forth outward actions to both God and man. Either sinful or godly.
The Bible said in Psalm 24:3 - 4 "....who shall ascend to the hills of The Lord...." then answered again "....he that has a pure heart and a clean hand..."

Of course we must be willing and obedient to His commands and instructions. We are not only to depart from iniquity that names the Name of Christ, we are to also do things He commands.
As there is always thou shalt not, so is thou shalt.
A man of God was asked the secret behind the sweatless  success of his life and ministry. His reply was "we do nothing except it is commanded"
Of course as faith again springs from our hearts same goes for doubt. When our thoughts harmonise and agree with what we heard, know and understand from God's word and His testimonies and believing them all, faith springs forth. And it can go as far as moving mountains. Just any mountain. And win any battle. Just any battle! ".....and this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith." 
1 John 5:4
Jesus said it shall be unto you according to your faith. He said again as thou hast believed so shall it be done unto you.
Same goes for doubt. When your thoughts can't just believe and agree with what you read and heard of His word and testimonies, your heart begin to doubt. And the Bible said in James that he that doubts is unstable in all his ways.
Let not such  expect to receive anything from The Lord.
It was on record that Peter was the only person after Jesus to walk upon the sea. All because he stepped out in faith. But the shout of warnings from the likes of Thomas and the waves distracted him. But he tried shá. At least he walked on the water. Even if it just four or five steps before "tory get bow leg"
But it was never recorded of Thomas that he killed a mosquito in the Bible by faith. Much more of healing a common malaria fever. Why? He was a doubter, who can doubt even his own shadows!
Thomas first missionary trip to India was the last he ever took!
When it comes to righteousness, it is righteousness that delivered from...according to Proverbs 11: 4. It makes you bold like a lion. It is your breastplate in the day of battle. An African proverb says "ìwà rere l'èsó èniyan" Literally translated "a righteous conduct is the shield of a man."
And when you love righteousness, God's anointing come upon you above your fellows. And if ONLY you can BELIEVE along with it, you become bold as a lion.
Actually The Lion of the tribe of Judah, Who like dwelling vessels, become resident. And have ever seen antelopes venturing near the den of a lion? So antelopes of demons, witches and wizards and occultic forces stay off your territory. And when they see you coming they take flight as fast as their legs could carry them!
That is why some things happen to a believer and the same bounce off another.
How come? It depends on which among them is abiding by the ground rules!
Now, since one of the ground rules is faith, this starts with Jesus. And of a certainty ends with Him. That is why He is called The Author and The Finisher of our faith; The Alpha and Omega.
Come to by faith to Jesus today, believe on Him and surrender your life to Him and be saved.


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