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The Control Panel Of The Supernatural

Words In Season:
Exercising faith in faith is a demonstration of crass ignorance and foolhardiness.

"That your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God."
1 Corinthians 2:5

The disciples asked Jesus why they cannot cast out the demon from the possessed boy and he answered in His usual no hold barred way "because of your unbelief"
Fasting along with a faith that rested on the power of God now boosts it and make it to work at optimum level. A level where the strongest demon in hell cannot resist. But and but there must be something on ground to boost.
If you apply fertiliser on an ordinary soil without a seed or plant, what comes out will be ordinary weeds. But when you plant food or cash crop and now apply fertiliser the result is a superb fresh greenery of healthy crops. The kind Pharaoh saw in his first dream. Genesis 41:5

So must there be a structure of a word based faith on ground before you can now boost it with fasting. Then watch amazing things happening. Yes, amazing victories in battle. Amazing miracles, healings, breakthroughs, etc.
Just as you cannot drink water on an empty stomach so can you not fast with an empty heart devoid of faith generated by God's Word and promises.  When you fast with a heart filled with faith and loaded with God's word you will constantly shake your world and become naturally supernatural and supernaturally natural.
Because the control panel of the supernatural is a word based faith.
It shall be unto you according to your faith. As God speaks to you in His, and as thou hast believed so shall it be done unto you. And if only you can believe all and all things are possible to him that believes. All these three potent statements of truth came from Master Jesus Himself.
It is only a faith built on the foundation of God's word that works and stand the test of time
Now if you don't believe Him, who else would you believe?
But you must need to start the supernatural life and supernatural living from some where. By believing first on a Person and thereafter believing every of His words. I mean taking Him at His word without questioning. Just life and direct as He says it per time. This then mixed with faith in your heart, spills over to your mouth in bold declarations and proclamations. And as you act in line with what you believed and declared, you are are connected to the power source in heaven! Then things begin to happen while you watch like Ezekiel in the valley of dry bones.
That Person you need to believe on is Jesus Christ the son of God. Repent of your sins today and believe on Him and He will save you from your sins. Then your journey to the world of supernatural starts.


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