A word in season to him that is weary. A word in season to change men times and season

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Start Living And Stop Existing

Words In Season: 
Take a rest before you are laid to rest.

"And on the seventh day God ended his work which he had made; and he rested on the seventh day from all his work which he had made"
 Genesis 2:2

Dear All,
There is no doubt, things are tough not only in Nigeria but across the globe today. Plus rumours of war here and there with nations rising against each other.
To enjoy a healthy living and survival, it takes dedicated efforts and the Grace of God.
God's own general Renhard Bonke being laid to rest; not out of fatigue but after fighting a good fight
Be satisfied with what you have.
Spend wisely and buy only what you really need to make you live healthy.
Avoid conflicts in any form.
Do your uttermost best to stay out of trouble. The best bet to achieve both is learn how to mind your business and not poke into the affairs of others nor seek to control others nor run their lives for them. You got your own life to live and they got theirs too.
Many people are angry, frustrated  and ready to kill at any little provocation!.
Patience is key. Ignore and avoid trouble as much as possible and learn to say the magic words "I am sorry"
Men should please control their anger.
We know how hard it is to make ends meet these days but please, don't take it down on your family. Neither take it down on any Dick Tom and Harry that cross your path. The boorang effect can be lethal. Because no one has monopoly of craze head.
Let your home be a peaceful place. Don't worry, we will all smile, again, hopefully.
Women, endure with your husbands.
Don't complain.
Show love.
Be good mothers,
create fun to ease tension.
Your health should be very important, give it a priority. Eat moderately prepared healthy diet with varieties of fruits and vegatables.
Above all, thank God that you are not hospitalized.  Have you forgotten, you are one of the richest men in the world because you are healthy ?
Health is wealth !!
Remember to live before you leave.
Don't spend your entire life making a living and forgetting to live!
There are only two ways to live - You're either living or just existing.
A balanced life is the best life.
Whoever says you're irreplaceable is lying to you.
Life is like exam questions.
If you are having a problem understanding one question, you move to the next.
Don't get stuck in one chapter of your "Book of Life"!
Winners don't quit but they surely take breaks.
Don't spend your entire life opening one door. If one door refuses to open, then, it means - maybe - it's not your door.
Having lived well and not just merely existed, Renhard Bonnke goes home for his reward of not only living well, but impacting the entire
Africa continent.
The fact that a certain aspect of your life is not working as planned doesn't mean your whole life has to be on hold.
If you can change it, be courageous and firm enough to do so.
If you can't change it, stop worrying and complaining about it.
Never give the management of your life to those who cannot manage their own lives. Must you even hand over the management of your life to someone? Can't you manage it yourself?
To be spiritually fooled is to be spiritually foolish! Be careful when someone who cannot hear his own voice tells you he's hearing from GOD.
Happiness is a choice, not a destiny.
Happiness is not a destination, you must travel with it.
A situation and a problem are two different things; don't mix both.
Live your live as a beacon of light
 and hope for others
Happiness is a present tense, not a future tense. You can delay your gratification, but your happiness should never be postponed. Time to be happy is now not later.
Always do your best but never ever forget to take a rest. Whoever refuses to rest will eventually be laid to rest and people will tell him to REST IN PEACE.
In reality, it is those who found peace with God that can rest in peace after they leave this Earth. And it only by faith in Christ Jesus that you can find and have that peace. Romans 5:1. Come to Jesus today and find and have with God your maker.

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