A word in season to him that is weary. A word in season to change men times and season

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How Not To Lose Your Personal Identity

Words In Season:
Once you know who you are, you will never desire to be somebody else.
Abridged & Adopted

"Let every man abide in the same calling wherein he was called"
I Corinthians 7:20

My first role model in ministry died the same year I was born. An apostle of consecration and deeper Christian living and thinking, A.W. Tozer left me only his works and materials to digest and guide along way. So how he talks, walks, gesticulates, the tone of his voice, suprano, alto or tenor  etc., I know not. Therefore, beside following his footsteps in holy, just, and consecrated living, I got no choice than to be exactly my original self in my voice intonation, gesticulation and carriage.
A man of God said, after God created you, He destroyed the mould.
Bishop David Abioye: maintained his personal identity, despite his closeness and proximity
to his leader and mentor
Meaning, there can't be any exactly like you and you can't be exactly like any.
Not even if you have a twin brother or sister. You both came with different fingerprints, no matter how identical you are.
So why all this copy cat mentality in life, business and ministry, even in our social lives? Talking like your general overseer or superintendent whose voice is naturally alto, while yours is tenor or baritone. Then in the ensuring melee and cacophony, you crack your larynx and voice box!
Or is it that this rat race in ministry that is now getting messier by each day? I must be like so and so. So and so have done this, I too must do it.

So and so has built a university, off you go to acquire acres if not hectares of land. But were you led? Then the struggle starts with the church budget, accompanied by levies upon levies upon church members and elders. The question still remain, were you led?
Not only in a university project, but just any project in ministry or personal life. Did God commanded it?
It is what God commanded and you stepped into, that you become a spectator as you watch Him perform His strange acts, one after another, one step at a time to accomplish.
I see as many as reading this stepping into what He commands and staying off what did not command, no matter the temptation and pressure to be like the Jones and Joanesses in life and ministry.
For this is the path to a pressure free life. Even a life devoid of frustrations. A life of absolute peace and rest.
But above all, I see someone stepping into what God commanded ALL men everywhere today. And which is to repent of all our sins and embrace the saving grace of Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour and be saved.


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