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Chariots Of Fire Versus Chariots Of Wood

Both wood and iron melt in the presence of fire
Words In Season:
The lion does not leave the forest for antelopes because of the multitude of their numbers and threats.

"And he answered, fear not: for they  that be with us are more than they that be with them"
    II Kings 5:16

One of the strategies of planning a battle is learning from the mistakes of the past. The soldiers that faced Elisha's master and predecessor - Elijah faced him from a single direction. Of course Elijah turned them to ashes by calling down firešŸ”„upon them.
That was why in a war college or defence academy, there is a curriculum for war history, dating from the exploits of Alexander the great of Madecon to Napoleon Bornapart.
The presence of fire will melt it
Learning from both their mistakes and successes and strategies.
So the Syrian army changed strategy this time when they were coming for Elisha.
They did not come in a single direction, they surrounded the entire city! They gathered enough intelligence to know that Elisha with all his high degree of anoiting got no eyes at the back of his head.
He can only see the soldiers in front of him not the one behind him! So if he calls down firešŸ”„upon the ones infront of him, the ones behind him will grab him! Smart strategy indeed!
But one the the Syrian Soldiers forgot was that they came with chariots of wood and iron, but the chariots on the side of Elisha are chariots of fire!šŸ”„
Fire will burn wood anytime any day. And no matter the strength of an iron it will melt in the presence of fire.
Having this understanding, Elisha reclined on his chair enjoying his morning coffee☕ while his servant was quaking with fear and trepidation.
And when the noise of his servant was getting too loud for comfort, Elisha prayed God to open his servants eyes. And "....he saw: and, behold, the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire round about Elisha" II Kings 6:17
Call that counter strategy. The chariots of wood surrounded the city, God's chariots of firešŸ”„ surronded the city also to protect and defend His servant. He also strategically positioned His Own horses and chariots of fire on the mountains while those of the Syrians are on the plains, for better view and advantage!
Friend, they that are with us are more than that are with them. Both strategy for strategy, force for force, resources for resources, strength for strength. No matter how the storm rages settle it in your heart that you are well defended against any onslaught of the adversaries, irrespective of their names, number and configuration.
But you need to be on the right and winning side to enjoy this privileged spiritual cover and protection.
It is found in none other place other than the protective arms of The Almighty. Jesus is the way to Him. Only Him has the capacity to broker peace between you and Him, when you come to Him to receive forgiveness for your sins and get saved from same sins by Him and through Him.


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