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Father's Day Reminiscences....

Words In Season:

A child is a trumpet; the father is a player. What notes the player send, the tunes the trumpet 🎺 sound.
  Soji Omole


"Hear, ye children, the instruction of a father, and attend to know understanding."
       Proverbs 4:1


That we don't often exchange greetings does not mean I keep malice with you. Because keeping malice entails thinking evil, speaking evil and working evil towards others. That is where the adjective "malicious" was coined from. Check your dictionary. 

Nor do I practise the worst form of it - smiling at others and speaking fair with them, when there are seven abominations in my heart. (Proverbs 26:25). Nor speaking peace with my fellow men when there is mischief in my hinder part. (Psalm 28:3). Yorubas call such "apani má y'odà" Meaning a murderer with a sheathed sword.
But when my spirit doesn't agree with yours, I keep you at arms length than playing the above sketched hypocrisy with you. Any whose company or association will have negative and toxic influence and impact on you, simply distance yourself from. Bible commanded expressly ".....from such TURN away...." II Timothy 3:5b
A father on his son's graduation day
Or if he is on the wrong side and his or her body language speaks "no regrets, no apologies" and "if am giving another opportunity, I will do more even worse"
Then you owe yourself and your generation yet unborn a duty to keep a safe distance from suvh. How much more of keeping company with him or her or associating yourself with him or her.
People have misunderstood these these traits as malice, but I have never shifted my hard-line ground in my relationship structures and management with others. Yet I got a lot friends NOT on social media but offline across the length and breath of the nation criss crossing tribes and religion.
Why? Honesty and sincerity with others.
That was the foundation my father laid for me from a tender age of five before I learnt to read grammar to open pages of the Bible to read verses like "Evil communication corrupt good manners" or "He that walketh with the wise shall be wise but the companion of fools shall be destroyed" and other allied verses.
A child born but not well raised and built will sell the houses his father built
If my Dad's spirit does not agree with the way a lad leads and conduct his life, he instructs me to stay off him. "Don't keep company with that bad boy"
And in the days of my youth if someone does anything base and short of sound morality, my Father's body language change towards such, until he come to terms and amends, even me his own son!
My fathers code word is sincerity:
No pretence, no hypocrisy with others. (Psalm 28:3, Proverbs 26:25)
Therefore, if you smell a foul odour of a rat in anybody you are hitherto relating with, that may be what give him or her away and warning signal! Stay off him or her from that point! Don't pretend all is well and still continue to associate with such.
How much more of now that we in a most perilous of days and season The Bible said shall come in the last days? II Timothy 3:1-5
Speaking peace with your neighbour but mischief is in your innermost heart?
Why then will I allow flagellating views and opinions of men whose breath is their nostrils, change this basic solid rock golden foundation you laid for me at a young tender age, my father? Even the foundation of whom I keep company and associate myself with? For if the foundation be destroyed, what can the righteous do?
Happy Father's Day, Dad.
Whether you be a father who have ran foul of these laws of "garbage in garbage out" or a son whose father has ran foul of these laws and blew the wrong tunes into you, sounding out unpleasant and discordant tunes to the hearing of all, there is still a remedy.
Only a father can do this, for his
son's sake
Yes. There is still hope. There is still a way of escape. That tune can still be changed and you will begin to emit pleasant melodies again to all listening ears. Not only can the tune be changed, it can be fine tuned.
That remedy can only be found in Jesus. The only One that has the power to UNDO anything that has been done amiss. He alone has the power that can undo even to the extent of raising hitherto dry bones to able bodied men and transform them into a strong and mighty. Ezekiel 37:1 - 10
Him alone can send a new note and tunes into you. Come to Him and embrace Him today. He waiting for you with an open arm.


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