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The Gate Of Heaven

Words In Season:

"There are things that happen in the church that don't happen else where"
   Adopted & Abridged


"....How dreadful is this place! this is none other but the house of God, and this is the gate of heaven"
   Genesis 28:17


The house of God is the gate of heaven. Jacob affirmed it and I agree him.
When you get to a man's house, you knock at the gate and the gateman answers you. The gate man goes to the man of the house, and anything he wants to get across to you, he transmits through the gateman.
Since the house of God is the gate of heaven, the gateman or gatemen are his priests and prophets. They go into the holy of holies in the days of the Jewish worship in the temple but today, the holy of holies is their closets, even the secret place of The Most High Psalm 91:1. That is where they receive instructions to deliver to those waiting for Him at the gate of Heaven - His house, be it on the altar or pulpit.
And as they hear Him speak, so they speak to those who have ears to hear and hearts to believe.
A veteran gatekeeper of His house:
Archbishop Benson Idahosa
The owner of a house does not necessarily need to come and see his seeker, after he has sent his message through the gateman.
So also is with God.
God would have love to come and physically see His seekers at His house - the gate of Heaven, or allow them in to see Him by themselves. But for two inter related reasons.
1). With God's shining all consuming glory no one have ever seen Him and stayed alive. He told Moses that, when he desired to see Him eyeball to eyeball. In as much as He still need Moses alive to lead His people to the promised land, He declined an eye ball to eye ball physical contact with him.
For God to arise and come to His house to physically meet His people on a Sunday or midweek service means, the Red Cross will be packing roasted corpses littered all over the house of God with body bags. Some corpses may even be roasted to ashes with the fire of His ever shining glory. And in our modern day hi - tech media, that may get the priests and pastors into trouble with the law. And cause God's adversaries in the media world and members of the public to reproach Him.
Prophet Hezekiah
C.A.C. General Evangelist
If Moses, one of his holy prophets can't dare a physical eye to eye contact with Him, how much more of a mixed multitude congregation, of saints, sinners, new coverts, backsliders, hypocrites, etc, etc.
So He sends His gatemen - His priests, pastors and prophets to attend to them at the gate.
Now, these gate men themselves - His priests and prophets, even the most holiest of them, can only hear His majestic voice at His door post in their closets. Not face to face. It is like a gateman speaking to his boss on this side of the door and the boss answering him on the other side, without both of them sighting each other. That is how far the most holiest and purest of them can go with God.
They can HEAR Him speak, but they can't SIGHT Him physically!
2). No one who ever cross the gate to the door to sight Him physically ever returns again. That was why the Jews tie a rope to the leg of a priest when he want to access the holy of holies in the temple in Isreal. So they can drag priest back to the outer court, in case he has SIGHTED God in the holy of holies!
A group photograph of servants of God
God's gate keepers?
Where do we go from here?
- We need to be more reverent and orderly in our approach to the house of God. Because it is the gate of Heaven. We must repent of all lackadaisical attitudes to His house and to His things in the house. Because when we are in His house, be it a dusty floored thatched roofed structure, or a 250,000 capacity glass and marble walled and tiled floor cathedral, we are at the gate of Heaven.
- We must attend services promptly and stop coming late to any services in His house, Sunday, midweek service,  group meetings and any other meeting.
- We must hear, obey and put into practise, all His messages passed across to us by His gatemen, be they  prophets or pastors.
And if you are among the mixed multitude that still goes to His house to watch the screen and while away time at services, now is time to repent. Especially now that you have known that the house of God is the gate of Heaven. Where God sees you direct from His balcony in Heaven.

Another gatekeeper of His house:
Bishop Abioye of Goshen City
Repent now of your wicked and sinful ways, believe and accept Jesus The Saviour His Son into your life as Lord. Either by answering an altar call when next you attend another service in His house or do it as you are reading this.


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