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A word in season to all nations. A word in season to change men times and season.

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Fight In Your Territory

Words In Season:

If at all you must fight, fight in your own territory and terrain, not the enemy's.
     Soji Omole


"A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself; but the simple pass on, and are punished"
    Proverbs  27:12


It was a real life encounter.
I was in a barbers shop at Oke - fia in Osogbo watching WILDS on the cable. And behold, a lion was at a river side drinking water. A big hippo saw the lion by the river side. But instead of the hippopotamus running away, it swam towards the lion and growled at it. The lion's response? It turned it's back quietly and walked away in retreat. It did not cast even cast a glance back at the hippo, who did not move an inch but maintained it's position on the waterways. The hippo's action is not a hit and run guerilla action. The hippo maintained position, in case the lion change it's mind and return to roar back and 'try' him. Haba!
I looked at God's face and God also looked back on my face. Of course He knew what I wanted to say and the question I wanted to ask. Because His word said the book of Proverbs that: "a lion the strongest among the beasts.......turneth not from any..." But this time I saw a lion turning away from ....
Trust Him now.......He began to speak....
That the lion will not turn from any if the battle is on it's territory as a land animal. But the waterway is not a lion's territory. The Hippo own the waterways. Or can a lion swim? All the hippo need do is clasp it's gigantic mandibles of a mouth on the lion and drag it with it into the river, and it is over....
The hippo have this understanding so it was bold enough to charge at the lion and maintain it's position in it's territory - the waterways. The lion too have this understanding, so he applied discretion and took a walk.
How I wish mortal men are as wise as these two animals.
How I wish sons of men know their limitations and when to draw boundaries. Knowing when to draw the battle line, when to beat a retreat and when to take a walk, if need be run as fast as their legs could carry them.
And for you reading, how I wish you know that if there is anytime to take a walk, even run the wrath to come, it is now. In case you have not. Then it's time to take a walk from the lure and allurement of sin and pleasures of this world which only lasts a season.
The book of Proverbs said, bread of deceit is sweet but afterward it will fill the mouth with gravels. The aftermath of deceitfulness of sin has far reaching consequences that transcend here to eternity. Make a 'U' turn today and turn to Jesus in repentance and let forgive and save you.


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