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Do we now stop raising raising altars to God 
in Nigeria and go for shrines? God forbid!

Words In Season:

He that does not fear God will live in perpetual fear of what is lesser than God.
   Rev Debo Adeyemo


"Now there was a long war between the house of Saul and the house of David: But David waxed stronger and stronger, and the house of Saul waxed weaker and weaker"
II Samuel 3:1


But who are these intellectually sterile spiritual incendiaries complaining about proliferation of churches in Nigeria? Or rather the frozen minded complaining bitterly about the dedication of a new church auditorium - The Glory Dome in Abuja?
Here is a country and continent that the citizens cannot invent common paper and crayon, but can invent all manner of evils, wickedness, cruel betrayals and mischiefs with a smart way of covering up their tracks. With a  special knack for the diabolical and occultic and rituals to afflict and cause trouble, problems and affliction for others, via witchcraft and wizardry in the guise of traditional practises.
Then do we certainly need more churches and anointed ministers to combat them fire for fire.
The oyinbos (white men) used their God given brains to invent automobiles, earoplanes, computers and gadgets, to name just a few, but black Africans are using theirs for cruel nauseating conspiracies, evil imaginations and machinations. And someone dead drunk there in a drinking joint is complaining about too much churches and pastors?
So WITH what power do we combat these evils and cruelties, both physical and diabolical? With shrines and more coven of witches?
Or with insecticide treated mosquito nets? Let God Himself out of heaven thunder upon these evil beasts from the pit of hell complaining about too much churches and ministers of the gospel in Nigeria! Even these insane spiritual rebels, enemies and adversaries of The Lord! I Samuel 2:10
Until Nigerians nay Africans desist from their cruel and wicked ways of life, and stop causing mischief and problems for their fellow men, through both physical and diabolical means, let those who are complaining of too much of gospel churches die, die, die, die, die and die by fire!
Because background checks have revealed that these men complaining about too much churches and pastors are the actual mischief makers in their families and communities. They can't invent common toothpick but they can invent the grievous of just any mischief and diabolical in witchcraft, wizardry and occultism.
Therefore shall we continue to build more churches, raise and train more gospel ministers in Nigeria to combat them when they shoot their arrows by day and terrorise in their covens by night. Psalm 91:5. Till every foe is vanquished.
So which side of the divide do want to belong? To the shrines or to the covens or to the triumphant church of the anointed saints of Christ, yeah the church He Himself promised to build that no gate of the enemy can prevail against?
Then you have to forsake your evil evil thoughts and drop your evil imaginations and machinations against against your fellow man. Then repent and ask God for forgiveness, receive His Son Jesus Christ as your Lord and change your ways.


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