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Victory In Battle Made Easy

Words In Season:

A bare handed man does not struggle with a man wielding an upraised sword.


"As soon as they hear of me, they shall obey me: the strangers shall submit themselves into me."
      Psalm 18:44


Many of us have been hearing and reading of legal battles or fire works.
Battles are all about two opponents facing each other, each protecting and defending his interests. Each digging deeper into his trenches. Who now wins depends on wields superior fire power. Soldiers fires at the opponent, the opponent fires back. Who wins or loses depend on who got hit first.
So goes for the court room. The first lawyer speaks be he for defence or prosecution, the other counters "objection my lord" Or raise a superior argument that will tear to shreds the arguments of the first lawyer.
Politicians are not left out. The ruling party makes a statement, the opposition feciously fires back. Or vice versa.
It is my pleasure to introduce you to a battle where opponents don't counter or speak back. Opponents simply obeys and bow out! Or run, depending on the velocity and ferocity of resistance. And guess where? In spiritual battles. Even the root of many battles of life.
That was why Dr David Oyedepo said he wish he could have some problems many believers gloat over as problems.
Because all it takes is for you to identify the root of the battle and give orders. Or open fire, rather. And they flee. Even the gang leader flees and never fights back when you resist him. James 4:7b, says "resist the devil and he will flee from you" not that he will fight back but he will FLEE. Especially if you can be bold enough to give him a hot chase with the two edged sword of The Spirit! A cutlass has only one edge the sword has two.
If a man manage to escape a hot chase by a cutlass wielding man, he will think twice before venturing near him again! When next he sees the man coming, he will cross to the other side of the road!
Let's all leap for joy for
He has overcome
I have been hearing a lot that the devil is stubborn, this or that ad infitum. Maybe you did not give him a hot chase back to the bottomless pit after he fled from you. That is why the devil or any of his agents don't venture near some houses. Or does antelopes no matter their numbers dare a lion in his den?
But how come some believers whimper and whine at battles of life even resort to pity parties and lamentations, when all they need is stand up and issue commands?
Maybe because our present day deliverance ministers and self acclaimed did not help matters. They know all the names of the devil and have the birth certificates of all his demons. But with little or no knowledge of Who God is, His awesome abilities, capacity and capabilities. So they feed their followers with devil's promotional catalogues. And if care is not taken shake the faith of the few ones standing strong.
Because it is what you feed people with that they feast on.
I can't but therefore but say a resounding AMEN when Pastor E.A. Adeboye prayed in one of his vigils at Redemption Camp twenty years ago that "may God deliver us from deliverance ministers"
Spiritual warfare is all about taking authority over your opponents, spiritual or physical.
It is the only battle on planet earth where when you talk, they don't talk back they shut their mouths and obey! When you fight them with The Spirit's sword they don't fight back they take flight. Or does a bare handed man struggles with a man with a one edged sharp matchet!? Yes I mean "panán" Simple easy logic!
When you speaks they obey.
When you raise your sword and charged at them they flee.
When you give then a hot chase, they run for dear life. Not even a mad man waits for a man who charged at him with a sharp cutlass!
Upon this rock I will build
My Church
But our "chop I chop" prophets won't tell you this lest the lose their disciples or congregation. They must keep their member bound with the terror of satan and his demons so members can fall in line and line up behind themselves for Thursdays "counselling and deliverance" sessions, where they feed them them with more trash to keep them updated as their captives. May God indeed deliver us from deliverance ministers like baba Adeboye prayed.
But you can be free today. Isaiah 49: 25, says "...even the captives of the mighty shall be taken away and the prey of the terrible shall be delivered"
Listen and listen good....
All you need to charge at and put to fight the armies of the alien are: 1). Direction and light to identify the root cause of the battle. 2). Open fire on the enemy and his agents, physical or spiritual, visible or invisible.
3). Never, never and never give up.
And the gates of hades shall not prevail
When you give a squirrel a shot of your catapault, it will still be twirling and jerking for breath. But in a matter of hours it will end up with onions and maggi cubes in your pot of stew. Nor does a ceiling fan stop immediately you switch it off. That there are still manifestations, does not mean that the battle is not over. It's just a matter of time.
4). The Bible called God The Father of spirits. Hebrews 12:9. Be filled with The Spirit of The Living God just as the drunk is always with with wine. No spirit can stand His Spirit, even The Greater One in you. Not even the spirit of witchcraft deliverance ministers and their followers so much dreaded and cring for.
5). Let His Word dwell richly in your heart and not be far from your mouth. So that when you open your mouth, fire comes out to consume your adversaries like waste papers. Then you are good to go!
Like this criminal cook,
your adversaries can
only hide for a season
6). Veteran overcomers and victors call it the last card. Even the power in the blood of The lamb. It is your advantage over all your adversaries. Because The BLOOD has always and will always work against them. But will always speak better things for you and works on your side. Hebrews 12:24.
Finally the journey to this undisputable victory begins with Christ. Actually he won the battle 2000 years ago. All you do is to enforce your victory by taking authority. But you need to receive that authority from Him, by giving and dedicating your life completely to Him. Luke 10:19.


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