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The Prayer Of All Fathers

Words In Season:
He that will bury his elder brother naked, let him take his junior brother along as a witness.
    An African Proverb

"Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on Me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father."
    John 14:12
A grand father of  The Faith
The prayer of every father, literate or illiterate is that his son or sons surpass him in all things. There are fathers who never bought a bicycle but whose sons and daughters are cruising jeeps on the boulevard of mega cities today.
Across the 100,000 capacity auditorium
There are fathers who have never even passed in front of Murtala Mohammed Airport in Ikeja in all their lives but whose sons now take breakfast in Hong Kong, lunch in Dubai and dinner in Singaphone, depending on their tight globe trotting schedules.
In my home town, many fathers literally used canes to drive their children to school in our days with ruthless fury and aggression on errant truants.
Dr Paul Enenche
Following the steps of a father and mentor like
Timothy did with Paul
Why? They don't want their sons to end up as subsistence farmers like them, but at least let them be scholars and top civil servants, even if the few daring and risk takers among them will end up as mega billion entrepreneurs. And of course it paid off. Many of them became scholars even Professors and top civil servants. Many of us now retired and foraying into other ventures.
That is the desire and prayer of every father - that his children become greater than him in life and accomplishments.
Even if the father is  accomplished on earth, he wants his son to do more!
And Jesus our Master set the pace and example of that desire that His disciples will do greater works. And they recorded miracles that The Master Himself did not record in His physical walk on earth. For example the shadows of Peter healing the sick and afflicted and mantles taken from the body of Paul casting out demons!
And each time I read stories on the exploits of legendary Smith Wigglesworth, my mind keeps straying to this passage in John 14:12
The new auditorium
Filled to capacity on dedication day
Same goes for Dr David Oyedepo.
19 years ago in year 1999, around this time he dedicated the world acclaimed and acknowledged biggest auditorium of 50,000 worshippers capacity at Canaanland in Ota. This very year 2018, one of his sons in ministry, Dr Paul Enenche dedicated a 100,000 capacity auditorium.
Former President
Goodluck Jonathan.
His journey to the Villa
also got the input of
a political father.
As we congratulate Dr Paul Enenche and the entire Dunamis Family and round up this, having established that this trend is a statute established by The Master Himself, let us examine one single attribute of what can make a son be greater than his father among many others.
It is by following the footsteps and instructions of the father.
The disciples followed the footsteps of The Master and did greater works. So did Dr Paul Enenche followed the footsteps and instructions of his spiritual father and mentor and did greater works. In a nutshell following a good leader and mentor pays.
Maverick Dino:
 A political orphan also came.
In search of a father to guide?
You too can follow the foot steps of The Great Master Himself and accomplish much more in life by surrendering your life to Him today. Take that step of faith now by repenting of your sins and believing in Him and receiving Him as your Lord and Saviour.


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