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Power To Become....

Words In Season

"Any diety that want not his adherents and worshippers to know him nor want to know them, certainly has lot to hide"
    The King's Scribe

".....but the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits."
                            Daniel 11:32

In those days when men are boys, I used to love and enjoy his music though now I may no longer go all the way to look for his CDs or DVDs again. But each time I hear it music either by passing by a music store or in a taxi stereo box, I still get thrilled.
In a nutshell I was a fan this legendary musician of blessed memory in my early years.
But we do have our differences. Lots of them.
He believes in God, so do I. But he can mix other diabolical pollutants with the one believed, I dare not with Mine. This moment he is singing eulogies of the god he believed the next moment, he switch to pay homages to his "ogalanta" and "ogolonto" mothers. But The One I served commanded me not to even suffer them to live, whatever they call themselves! Etc. etc.
The last straw that broke the camel's back was a song he sang about his god; that his god does not know anybody, neither wants anybody to know him. In as much as I still love him and his music, I fell out completely with him here!
Because The God I serve as my Father and Maker knows me even more than I know myself and wants me to know Him. Even more and more day by day to see Him more and more clearly.
I am not now surprised why this man switch over from his god to other gods like his ogalanta and ogolonto mothers in his songs.
Because the knowledge of God is the root of the supernatural. Knowing God, knowing Who He is, especially to you, and you knowing and having and understanding of who you are to Him and the provisions and resources He has in stock for you is the backbone of the supernatural.
The people who coined "knowledge is power" must have read Daniel 11:32.
When you don't know who your God is, not only will you want to try ogolonto but try Majudun too, in Ikorodu.
Even a mortal President
Kagame wants his
subjects to know him
As we continue on this subject some other day, do you want begin to flow from natural to the supernatural in your day to day operations? Do you desire things simply working for you on a spiritual auto pilot system? The journey starts and ends with Christ, The power of God and The Wisdom of God. I Corinthians 1:24b. To as many as received Him, He gave power to become, not only sons of God but to to become anything they desire to become in life. Even to as many as believe on His Name. John1:12
Receive Jesus into your life today and receive power to become.


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