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Character Not Potential Determines Destiny

Words In Season:

Many may survive and fair well in adversity. But the true test of a man's character is to sit  him in the cockpit of power.
         Adopted & abridged.


"But the fruit of The Spirit  is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith,
Meekness, temperance: against such there is no law" Galatians 5:22 - 23


Judas had exceptional organisational skills especially when it comes figures and meticulous management of resources. Unlike sanguine, impulsive and garrulous Peter, who can even forget his boxer short in the bathroom after a morning bath. Therefore, when a treasurer was needed to keep track of the enormous offerings from the likes of Mary Magdalene, Joanne the wife of Chuza Herod's steward, Susanna etc. (Luke 8: 2 - 3), no one ever thought of Peter. Judas name came up and he was picked for the juicy job. Judas potentials, giftings and endowed skills got him the job but his character screwed him up for life and eternity! And what was that character? Greed!
Reason The Holy Spirit does not stop at His gifts but also the fruit. The gifts manifest in the ability of those who possess them to demonstrate extraordinary dexterity in what others found a herculean task. BUT the fruit of The Spirit - LOVE, JOY, PEACE, PATIENCE, LONGSUFFERING, GENTLENESS, FAITH, MEEKNESS etc., are all the bedrock and benchmarks of character development.
LOVE: When you love all you become a friend of many and an enemy of nobody. Of course though it won't be all but many will like you in return.
JOY: People avoid the gloomy but flocks round the ever joyful, humorous and free in spirit.
Dr David Oyedepo: A synergy of character working
hand in hand with God's gift and calling
PEACE: Not looking for others trouble by their misbehaviours and misdemeanors, nor quarrelsome, but always at peace with all.
LONGSUFFERING: Patient with all, even ready to hear a fool make his case.
GENTLENESS: Not hash, rash and abrasive in how he treats others.
GOODNESS: Being kind, liberal and generous towards others, with both our time, talents, giftings, financial and material resources.
FAITH: Capacity to believe and trust in God's power and capabilities and thereby move mountains. Because many at times our destiny is on the other side of the mountain.
MEEKNESS: Humility per excellence. Not proud or arrogant in words and deeds. A teachable NOT know it all attitude, that can learn from a day old baby. We can treat them all but for time and space.
When your character and potentials work hand in hand you fulfil destiny. But when your character works at variance with your potentials, you will misbehave and make wrong choices which will intimately crash your destiny.
Judas character of greed worked at variance with his potential and he made the wrong choice by selling his Master at a bazaar price of 20 pieces of silver.
Samson short circuited his destiny because of his lust for strange women and sexual immorality. David nearly crashed his on the same platform of lust and immorality, but for God's mercy and covenant He made with his house. Bear it mind that David was highly skilled on stringed instruments, be it rhythm, lead or bass guitars. Even Hawaii guitars. Which made him to stand before kings. I Samuel 16:21. He was also highly skilled on the catapult, which brought him national and international fame. Or who on earth doesn't know the story of his victory over goliath?
Let any who care to read this work on his character along with his  potentials, no matter how creative they are. If he doesn't, The Lord being so merciful may not allow him to crash like Judas or Samson. Nor stumble on a concrete pole and bruise his face, while committing "lookery" like David. But He will in His mercy place a limit on how far he can go in life. Lest he crash land on the way.
But if only you will take the yoke of Christ upon you, yea that yoke of meekness and lowliness of spirit, and learn of Him and lean on Him to work on your character, a limit will not be placed on your destiny. Yes, you will go very far in life, with your giftings and potentials. And you will not crash land. Come unto Jesus today, don't just accept Him only but follow hard after Him and learn of ways, which are easy and not burdensome.


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