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Words In Season:
Men's MAJOR enemies and problems migrate from their hearts, then evolve and revolve to the surface.
              Anonymous (but edited)
"Casting down imaginations and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ"
 II Corinthians 10:5
Or what torment, afflict and cause a man pains? Problems that many at times are blamed on enemies. Physical or spiritual. 
The first tape of our spiritual father - Bishop David Oyedepo, I will ever listen to in 1989 was titled "MAN IS OWN WORST ENEMY"
And with the scripture reference above and more like references, he proved his points. That a man's number 1 enemy is actually himself.
Over close to 3 decades, as I meditate on this message, coupled with all that I have practically gone through in life with astounding victories along the way, I made my discoveries and hereby make my independent submission in mine own original works and format that:
A) - The number 1 enemy of a man is the man himself.
How come?
From the way he thinks in his heart. Evil thoughts and imaginations that graduates into behaviours and habits that ends up in a cast iron character. Creating problems upon problems for the man along the way and thereafter.
Modus operandi?
Jesus said out of the heart of man proceeds evil thoughts.....etc.
In 2 ways.
1. When he allows and dwell on evil thoughts and imaginations against himself they manifest into fears, faith take the exit door and they come to manifestations, snowballing into diverse problems. Just like Job did. Job 3:25
2. When he thinks and imagines evil against others, the golden rule and the law of seed time and harvest take charge and it boomerangs back to him in hundred folds!
What is the remedy? Watch what you think towards yourself and others by guarding your thoughts and imaginations. Keep your heart with all diligence, Proverbs 4:23 instructed.
No matter how you felt about what others did to you, watch and guard your thoughts towards them.
Those that did you wrong are busy somewhere, enjoying plates of fresh fish pepper soup and drinks. And there you are brooding and dwelling over what they did. At most put your thoughts on neutral gear towards them. Then forgive and let go and let God. It may not be easy, but it can be done.
Of course there are other enemies in the diabolical and spirit realm, and physical human agents, but the man's number 1 enemy is the man himself. Because he becomes an easy doorway and cheap prey to them, via his thoughts and imaginations.
B - The major problems of a man originates and migrates from his heart. Mark the word "the major" The minors could be demonic forces and their human agents.
How again?
1). Of course his thoughts and imaginations could originate these problems like Job's.
2). Assuming his thoughts and imaginations did not originate them but external forces, be they man made or spiritual, how he reacts and thinks about them, either minimise or aggravates them!
One big lesson I have learnt about life is that you don't solve a problem by complicating it. One the ways to either complicate or solve a problem is how a man reacts and thinks about the problem itself.
If he throws a 7 days pity party like Job did for his three friends, whom he later on called miserable counsellors, the devil invites his demons as guests to feast for days. And even extend the feast to more additional days. Which was what happened to Job. After the 7 days "party" was over, Job kept blaming everybody including God Himself, except himself.
So the "party" was extended. Who caused it? JOB. Not his enemy. So can you too. Who then do we blame? YOU. Not your enemy.
But if like David did at Ziklag he takes a proactive step after the initial emotional outbursts, his case will certainly be different. Because it was reported that David and his men wept until there was no more strength in them. But afterwards in less than 12 hours, David took charge!
He asked and reached for the "linen ephod" and sought God on the way forward.
And in a matter of 48 hours there were victory celebrations in Camp David at Ziklag. With ingathering of a large cache of spoils. Who took responsibility? David. So can you too take responsibility. Did David passed blames on any like Job did? Nope. You too have blamed your enemies enough, take charge!
Maybe a man that would have given you an idea or counsel to fast track you forward, you have out of the abundance of your heart and feelings insulted and misbehaved to. You are not even on speaking terms with him again because of the way you think and of course speak and behave.......So who do we blame? Your enemy or enemies again?
Early this year, a casual phone
Life could be fun all the way,
depending on your perspective
conversation with a senior cousin sister of mine unearthed the root of a protracted challenge, which later became a walkover in victory. I did not even bother to fast about it. Just a Sunday out of the series of our Covenant Days buried the matter for life and eternity. Supposing I have insulted and misbehaved to my cousin sister and I am not on speaking terms with her? And God from the foundation of the world had ordained that I will get to the root of this matter through a casual chat with her one day. I was even the one who called her. Supposing I did not call her but want to "save my credit"? Who is my enemy then? You guessed right!
How do you think about a situation you found yourself? With hope and courage or despondency and despair? Do you allow your heart to sink or you quickly encourage yourself in The Lord as David did at Ziklag? That is what makes all the difference, not your enemy.
The book of Proverbs said if you faint in the day of adversity, your strength is small. Never think that thoughts, imaginations of your heart that form your attitude and disposition is of little or no consequence in life. Sincerely they are everything. Really, they determine nearly if not everything!
Could you now agree with me as to who your real and number 1 enemy is?.
How? As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he!
The metamorphosis of your thoughts and imaginations into words, to actions, graduating into habits, unto a cast iron mould on your character and ultimately your destiny!
Who is your number 1 enemy, then? YOU!
What then is the ultimate remedy?
The first thing God's Word commanded the unrighteous man to do in Isaiah is to - FORSAKE  HIS THOUGHTS.
"....let the unrighteous man forsake his thoughts..."
A 360° turn in the way you think, your imaginations, and of course your iron cast attitude and character.
Having gotten rid of yourself as your number 1 enemy, then can you rid yourself of other enemies and strange children which may even be a figment of your imaginations in the real sense.
And if they are real, a new surge of spiritual energy now fills your heart and spirit man to stand strong and subdue them! Be they demons or familiar spirits. "...who through faith subdued kingdoms..." Hebrews 11:33.
Because now, they've got no foothold in your life through your thoughts and imaginations, unlike before.
Come to Jesus today and give Him your heart, in exchange for a brand new one. With which you can now finally think of whatsoever is true, whatsoever is honest, whatsoever is just, whatsoever is pure, whatsoever is lovely
whatsoever is of good  report, if there be any virtue and praise. Philippians 4:8


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