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A Synergy Of Love And Wisdom

Words In Season:

"Be friendly with all but don't be a friend of all"
                                        Pastor Alex Adegboye

Words In Season:

"He that handleth a matter wisely shall find good: and whoso trusteth in The Lord, Happy is he"  Proverbs 16:20


You will certainly have enemies. This is not a curse or prophecy but reality. 
But practise these 2 things I do and made a way of life. 1). Be an enemy of nobody. 2). "Be friendly with all but don't be a friend of all" If only for the sake of emphasis one need it repeated over and over.
Two foremost Nigerian politicians
Friends or being friendly?
Be friendly with all. Exchange banters with all. Smile at all. If they smile back good. If they do not, good. Take it in your strides and move on.
The first lesson The Spirit taught me as a believer was....anything God asks us to do is for our own good.
Hating someone with or without a cause upsets, heats up and jams up your emotions. That is why God's Word commanded you to love others and even forgive others. Even our enemies. Not for their sakes but for your own very sake. It will keep your joy flowing and keep you at peace inwardly. So love all and be friendly with all. But be an enemy of none.
But....and but...DON'T BE A FRIEND OF ALL.
That humans does not eat eat lions does not mean lions does not eat humans. An African proverb says "if  you say you won't pursue the wife of a man with big prostate, what of if he begin to pursue yours?"
That you are an enemy of nobody does not mean somebody will not hate you and be your enemy. Yes of course, for just no reason! Yes, for the mere fact that he is seeing you around!
All you can is to remain friendly with him but don't make him a friend nor a confidant.

Let every classified information about yourself, good or bad be kept away from him. Let your private life be kept in a file tagged TOP SECRET from him. If possible, let him not know when your are visiting the gents. It is what you feed people with that people will feast upon.
What they don't know, they keep guessing. So keep them guessing.
Jesus loved all and was friendly with all, both Pharisees and Sadducees.
Two foremost Nigerian traditional rulers. Friends 
or just being friendly?
But when it comes to nitty gritty matters, He take His disciples aside privately and feed them with the information. Even among His disciples He still had the 3 inner circle of James, Peter and John.
Yet He did not hate the rest 9 nor make Himself their enemies.
You too go and do likewise.
One is not surprised that Judas did not make the list of the 3 inner circle. Why must he allow Judas to sell Him before His appointed time?
Yet did he not make Himself an enemy of Judas. He even gave him the juiciest portfolio as the minister of finance.
Togolese cook: taken for a
 friend but turned enemy
and murderer
The reason many believers are cast down wounded today with offence and bitterness, is their inability to harmonise the love of Christ with His wisdom and form a synergy for a life of freedom and liberty.
Therefore wise up and be guided. Getting your adrelanin shot up when a man who is your enemy appears does not worth it. You don't have to hate him back but love him back. That's all you owe him - love.
BUT keep him at arms length.
But don't you think it will be better if you sign up directly under the feet of Christ and learn more from Him as a disciple?
Today, if you hear His voice, harden not your heart. Come unto Him today and learn of more of Him and find rest for your soul.


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