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What Become Matters Arising Today

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What does not matter today becomes a matter arising tomorrow.
An Anglican Priest

"While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter and day and night shall not cease."
Genesis 8:22
Should God and His angels hands off the affairs of man and the entire universe, certain forces will still continue to govern their affairs and stand against and oppose His adversaries - His divine laws.
The same accuracy the physical laws, which of course He ordained operates, so does His divine laws.
Let's take for example the law of gravity. If a man jumps down from a 21 storey skyscraper, no amount of binding and loosing, faith declarations or blood of sprinkling or pleading can suspend him on air.
The law of gravity takes over with deadly accuracy! It is either he hit his head on a pavement or....depending on which part of the body he lands!
And For the aeroplanes and helicopters 🚁 to swim against the heavy currents of this law, they have to pattern their designs and operations after the creatures God again divinely ordained to defy them -  the birds for the aeroplanes and wasps for helicopters 🚁
Tell me any brand and make of an aeroplane, that does not have wings  like a bird. Same goes for the helicopter 🚁 The same natural biological propeller of wasps the engineers and designers copied.
Even at that, it is under one condition. They have to keep moving and be in motion on the air. No stopping. Or else......the law of gravity they are hitherto defying prevails, with deadly consequences!
A.W. Tozer opined and I agreed with him, that every scientific and technological discovery and principles that are working are backed by God's faithfulness to His laws.
Same way physical laws operates, the same way spiritual law goes. Same unfailing precision and accuracy.
Then what manner of men we ought to be, especially we as believers on how we lead and run our lives today. If only because of matters arising tomorrow. Which certainly must. Because the matters arising today are matters we said it does not matter yesterday. Having this understanding that every thoughts, words and actions even reactions set a law in motion!
A law appropriate for that occasion. Yes, the law of seed time and harvest. It works with the same accuracy like the law of gravity.
That which we take for granted that it doesn't matter today becomes a matter arising we've got to face tomorrow. Because all we have done is sow a seed today awaiting a harvest tomorrow.
All we have done with our lives today, good or evil was to sit for examinations, awaiting results tomorrow.
All we have done with how we live our lives today is to deposit and invest an amount of cash today, awaiting a withdrawal and cash out of returns on investment tomorrow.
For you who read up to this line, the good news is that Somebody came to defy that law of gravity  same way the birds, wasps, aeroplanes and helicopters did. Not so that the world can applaud Him for His spiritual prowess. But for your very sake.
For your sake Jesus Christ ascended to heaven after descending to hell to collect the the keys of hell and death for the sins you have committed, and resurrected again. Confess these sins to Him today and repent of them. Then believe and receive Him as your Saviour, and Lord, so He can save you from them and their consequences.
Matthew 1:21, Psalms 79:9


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