A word in season to him that is weary. A word in season to change men times and season

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What You Do With It Matters More Than It

Words In Season:

If any see everything wrong in legitimate wealth and riches, let him give their exact and precise opposite, a try.
Soji Omole

"Charge them that are rich in this world, that they be not high minded, nor trust in uncertain riches, but in The Living God, Who giveth us richly all things to enjoy"
I Timothy 6:17.

Whether acted or in real life that must have been Steve Jobs, the billionaire in dollars, until he heard the bombshell from his doctor!
Its not wealth in itself that makes us happy but what we do with it.
Barzillai used his great wealth as support logistics for David to crush the rebellion of Absalom. II Samuel 17:27 - 29, II Samuel 19:31 - 32
Same goes for a post or position of honour any found himself. King James of England used his to ensure that The Holy Bible is translated into English and widely distributed by using his office to protect the translators from the powers that opposed the noble feat.

If you are in doubt, take time to read the preface of any King James version of the Bible, when next you open it.
Field Marshal Idi Amin of Uganda of terrible memory, used his to become the butcher of Kampala. Competing keenly for the trophy with the notorious butcher of Rigar in the infamous gestapo of Adolf Hitler.
Final conclusion? It depends on what you do with where you found yourself.

William Wilberforce found himself in the British Parliament. William did not use it to be changing colours like chameleon defecting from one party to another. Nor turn himself to kleptomaniac, raking millions and billions in bribes to pass bills. Rather he devoted his entire life as a one man army squad to crush the evil of slave trade. And few moments to his passage to glory, he saw the abolition of slavery happening in his life time.
There is nothing wrong in posts, position, status, wealth and riches. Otherwise God won't promise Solomon nor the man that feared The Lord in Psalms 112:3.

That which you do with where you found yourself if what really gives happiness. If you found yourself in stupendous wealth, legitimate as it is, the first temptation to overcome is pride and arrogance. The next monster to conquer and overcome and press firmly underneath your feet is greed. After, keep your body under, bring it to subjection, or else you begin to hear it making funny demands. This done, be generous with it and be ready share as much as you can of it with others and not unnecessarily hoard it, though you still need to maintain some healthy savings out of it, to invest.
Never waste it but invest those savings and more it and you will begin to see them multiply right under your very nose. Genesis 1:28.

Above all, use it as instrument to serve God diligently and to promote His Works.
Let it also be a deadly weapon in your hands to fight just causes like Barzillai used his to ensure that a throne was restored to it's rightful owner - David, from a rebellious impostor of a son. And like that of Wilberforce to whom abolition of slavery override his political ambition.
Never, never and again never use it as a tool of oppression or ego massaging vendetta.
After fruitfulness, what comes next
is multiplication
I repeat the third time, what you do with where you found yourself determines how happy you are.
For example supposing your current state is on the opposite side - not having anything yet? What you do with this to be happy, is to be rejoicing in hope and believing that what God has done for others, He will do for you. Romans 12:12 spoke of "rejoicing in hope...."
So you got no reason to envy any. Go for knowledge far above food and work hard at putting it to work. Discover your potentials and maximally harness them positively.
You may not hit it as hard as Steve Jobs but I can assure you, you are going to be comfortable both financially and in other spheres of life, with time.
All I can assure is that your tomorrow bright, if you can live right today.
Bishop David Abioye: He never expect
God can take him this far.....but the truth
 is - the future is bright, if you live right.
And how can you live right? First you need to be engraced and empowered to live right. And that commodity is available only with Christ Jesus, The Son of the The living God.
When you embrace Him, He first save from your sins - Matthew 1:21. Next He cleanses you from them with His blood - I John 1:7. After, He empowers you to go and sin no more - John 8:11. Believe on Him and receive Him into your life today and let Him give you hope to rejoice in.


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