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The Spirit Of Sheba

Words In Season:

You may know the beginning of a matter, but you cannot predict the final outcome should it get out of hand.
           Abridged Yoruba Proverb

"And there happened to be a man of Belial, whose name was Sheba, the son of Bichri, a Benjamite and he blew a trumpet, and said, We have no part in David, neither have we inheritance in the son of Jesse; every man to his tents, O Israel"
                II Samuel 20:1
"......and the woman said unto Joab, behold, his head shall be thrown to thee over the wall..."
             II Samuel 20:21.
Bottom line:
David just quelled a rebellion against his kingdom, led by no other one than his own very son that came out of his own very loins.
If a son can do this to his own very father, then what stops him from trying his own luck by cashing in on the situation and raise some dust too? At least if only to make a statement and win cheap popularity. So Sheba the son of Bichri pulled the stunt.
And typical of every man who can dare stand up and stand out of the pack, for good or bad reasons, Sheba got followership. Men whose maybe their intention too was to gain cheap attention and popularity like their rabble rouser leader - Sheba
Sheba took advantage of an explosive political situation, of which the dust is yet to settle to score cheap popularity.
And it cost him his head. Yes, his head went for it. II Samuel 21:21 - 22.

Why won't it cost him his head? No structure on ground, no vision, no goal and no manifesto. Just a rabble rouser, out to gain unnecessary attention and win cheap popularity by causing problem, trouble and heartache for others.
Even to add insult to the injury of David who was just recovering from an humiliating trauma. II Samuel 16: 21 - 22.
But he paid for it with his own very head.
Guy, why must you look for others trouble? Be it justified or non justified, must you be known by making trouble, and creating problems?
Must you be a rabble rouser?
You may think you are creating problem for others, only to discover that you are creating it for your own very self.
Sheba originally thought he was creating more problems for David. But found out but too late, that he had actually created problems for his own very self.
And the solution to that very problem was his own very head! II Samuel 20:22.
By making an already tensed situation more volatile, among yourself and a family member or members or in the church or the community, what do you stand to gain from it? Why allow the spirit of Sheba to come over you? Something just came over you to arouse a lion from his sleep and before you know it, the wind you sowed suddenly snowballed and conflagrated into a whirlwind, hotly pursuing you and you are now on the defensive, even on the run?!
Exactly and precisely was the case of Sheba. He looked for trouble and now he is being hotly pursued. Because no nonsense Joab, fresh from battle with quantum experience went after him in hot pursuit.
And here was Sheba with no single battle experience, other than a big mouth, an old rusty trumpet to blow and an antelope's leg to run!
Why start something you can't finish like Sheba?
Or maybe you wanted to rely on an old past issue that supposed to be long laid to rest, but you brought it out again as matters arising to make trouble, slander and even blackmail? Beautiful!
Sheba did exactly that. He capitalised on the old animosity and feud between the house of Benjamin and that of Jesse over the throne of Israel. But he never lived to tell the rest of the story.
In a community or among family members or others with whom have hitherto enjoyed relative peace, each time something kept pushing you to stir up trouble, that can be no other than the spirit of Sheba. Resist it firmly or it may cost you your head.
Always learn to have a second thought.
Always learn to think twice.
Never speak or act on impulse.
Or is it out of that stupid disdainful thought towards others of "who does he think he is?" Who he think he is or not, is none of your business anyway. As long as he doesn't come to your domain to beg for bread...
Sheba must have also thought that way towards David, asking the king who does he think he is. And his head answered the question.
Had Sheba gotten a foresight that the actions he was about to take will cost him his head, maybe he would have had a second thought. Or maybe he thought he could get away with it. But alas, he never did.
Revered man of God, Reverend Paul Jinadu said, the more we learn how to lead our lives, the less problem we will have in life. So why look for trouble? Bishop David Abioye agreed with baba Jinadu saying "problems can be avoided" Quoting from Proverbs that "....a prudent man foreseeth evil and hideth himself...."
Why create a problem for yourself in an atmosphere that is hitherto peaceful and calm? What happens if you don't survive it, like Sheba?
Today if you hear His voice harden not your heart. The next trouble you stir up may be more costlier, but allowing Jesus to take control of your life today may stem the tide.
His Spirit may prevail over you to have a second thought before you speak or act and that may save the day. Yield your life to Him today and let Him make that lot of difference.


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