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Priotising The First As First.

Words In Season:
One thing is to be in Church, another thing is to be in touch with The God of the church.

".....and upon this rock I will build My church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.
Matthew 16:18b

If there is anything thrilling about the passage above, it was the way Jesus personalised the church as his personal property and possession. Kindly permit my play with words. When you call something "my" it means yours.
I can't but be amused when some holier than God brethren begin to eulogise Christ as having no personal possession or leaving none when He was returning to heaven. That all he left was a piece of suit that the soldiers share among themselves by casting lots.
Jesus possessed and left behind a Church that has since grown and still growing in leaps and bounds into an octopus mega church, even all the denominations put together.
Of course a man's life consist not in the abundance of his possessions, but not in abundance of his investments. Because trading, profiting and investing the proceeds is scriptural.
Ask the the unprofitable servant. 
Name all the denominations across the globe with their marble and glass buildings, their universities, gadgets, vehicles both flashy and non flashy, fat bank accounts etc., they all belong to Him! Including the ones conducting their services inside round 'Rana' thatched mud buildings with dusty floors. They all belong to Him.
Ask any of the truly called church leaders, General Overseers, General Superintendents, Presidents etc., they will in all honesty tell you the truth that all including they themselves, belong to Him.
One of them was asked in an interview, the amount of the offering in the previous Sunday service. His answer was "you are asking the wrong person"

Because having understood that all ownership belong The Owner of the church Himself, he has assigned faithful stewards who oversee and administer the church income and who reports directly to The Owner. Any attempt to cook up figures is at their own peril.
Someone reading this may ask does such a structure exists in any of today's churches? And I will answer him without any fear of contradiction or opposition that, that is the system that operates in the church where I worship. With clear proven transparent evidences.
Why? Because Jesus said "My church" It is His property, both physical and liquid assets.
But the real nitty gritty of the matter on ground now,  is that one can be in the church and not know The Owner of the church. You can spend days even years in Asso Villa and not have a one on one familiarity with the president.
We cannot  speak of seeking the Kingdom first and brushing aside The King Himself. Jesus is The King of this Kingdom. He is also The owner of church, the instrument through which He exerts His authority, power and dominion in this Kingdom.
You need to know Him first as King and encounter Him as your Lord and Saviour first, before you begin to seek The Kingdom first.


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