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More Desperate Than Desperadoes

Words In Season:

God created hell not because He is wicked,  but because of the wicked who think once they die their trouble is over, not knowing it has just started.
    Soji Omole

"Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore therefore the heart of the sons of men is full set to do evil"
     Ecclesiastes 8:11

Even the domestic fowls know that God is a good God. And not a wicked God. Their owners who are only waiting for Christmas or Easter,  throw them a handful of grains each morning, and chase them off. But for the rest of the day, till they retire to bed at their usual 6 - 7 pm, God ensures that they always have something to eat.

All they need do is to from time to time scratch their feet of the ground either ways and they keep picking them. A lesson to believers who kept naming, nailing and claiming while they lie on the comfort of their couch in their parent's or uncle's sitting room.
There are two categories of sinners.
1). The contrite and broken ones.
2). The hardened ones.
3). The hypocrites
The contrite and broken ones are the 'Wary Transgressors' if we may loan that from the legendary novelist - James Hardly Chase.
They knew they are not pleasing God. But in them, there is a desire to please Him but the ability to do it is not in them.
Therefore  each time they sin,  guilt and the terror of God envelopes their conscience. For them Jesus came to reach and save if only they will believe  and confess Him after reading this. Exchanging their weaknesses for His inexhaustible strength and grace.
The hardened  ones are those  who have stopped caring about God and man. Unlike the hypocrites they need not pretend to any in order to impress any,  because they have apology to any. Not even to God Himself.
They have heard the gospel several times but it's of no use to them.
Their calculations are if they they continue  in their wickedness, the worst that can happen to them is to die. And it is over. So they continue. And God too made sure that even when they finally die unrepentant in their wickedness  against God and their fellowmen, it is not over.  But it is just the beginning of their sorrows. Even eternal sorrows accompanied with eternal wailings and gnashing of teeth!
God decided, to teach them a lesson for life and eternity. To show them that He is The wiser God, Who surpass them in intelligence and thinking.
As for the hypocrites, we will handle them tomorrow, because their case is more precarious than the first two. And we need not bother you with too much reading today.
Whatever category any reading this belongs, A.W. Tozer said 'it is not too late to repent'
Let the broken and contrite ones reach out to our Savior Jesus Christ and He will save and deliver as many of them that trust in Him. 

And let the hardened ones, having realised that it is not over when they die but just the beginning, make a 360 degree turn and embrace This same Saviour and be also saved and escape the edge of the sword of God's fiery wrath that is coming upon the sons of disobedience!


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