A word in season to him that is weary. A word in season to change men times and season

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Exploring The Last Resort

Words In Season:
The only language the devil understand is the language of violence.
Our faith fathers

And from the days of John the Baptist, until now, the Kingdom of God suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force.
Matthew 11:12

Deep in the heart of some people believers alike, they are not in agreement with God but have their reservations on the issue of hell fire. It's like God took things too far with the sons of men here 👬
To me He did not. Not because I am wicked, because God who designed this 'facility' to prove His awesome supremacy is not wicked.
The Bible spoke about the violence of the fire in Hebrews 11: 34.
Meaning that fire is violent.
Apart from the fact that men who won't repent of their sinful ways and turn to God, are going to face this violent of fire🔥for life and eternity, God is teaching us that it takes some element of physical violence to break the jaw of the wicked, even physical men.
It has been said by someone that those who make peaceful change impossible make violent change inevitable.
Not until Gambian ex - Jameh
began to smell a scent of fire 🔥
did he budged and backed down
The truth is that the devil does not understand the language of peace. So goes for some men. Especially men that he wants to destroy. To them a man making peaceful entrieties is afraid and is a coward. So they are in charge, to treat him the way they like and talk to him the way they feel. Until finally the man in question reached for the inevitable - violence. Which on many occasion leave blood,  tears, sorrows and pain in their it's trail in the house of those agent provocateurs! Some licking their wounds for life and eternity with bitter memories and traumas.

Since the devil, the master of the wicked and the spirit that works in the sons of disobedience can only bow down and out of a situation by brute violence, so are some sons men.
They won't  bow until you apply the rod of iron on them. Revelation 2:27. Spiritually or the lawfully physical rod, rod of iron is rod of iron. Some men won't bow and do the needful or refrain from evil until they see the rod of iron - fire🔥
Or can you drive  a goat out of a place by speaking softly to it and cajoling it? "Hey Billy, don't be naughty, leave that yam alone"
Shouting 'kai kai kai' aloud on top of your voice at the goat may not even move it an inch away, until you give it a hard ruthless and brutal kick! Then will it run for dear life.
So it is with some men. Until you wield the big stick they are still "Peter the rock" There is nothing they can't call themselves. There is no title they won't ascribe to themselves. But when the hammer🔨 lands, you keep wondering if they are still the same men!
That is what the sinful nature of man has turned him to. Somebody who won't 'hear word' until he sees fire 🔥

Same goes for the devil who won't leave nor bow 🙇 out of a place until it sees fire🔥 even the fire of violence. A fire 🔥 of ruthless brutality of resistance by the violence of faith from a violent man!
And since he can't repent again, God created a permanent abode of violence of fire🔥for him. And as many who will not yield to God's tender love, and gentle forbearance ends up in that same apartment with him in eternity.
The question now is why must men always wait for the violence of fire 🔥 to do what is needful? Why must men wait until forces stronger than them coerce them to do what is right, or stop wrongdoing after a gentleman's talk and persuasion prove abortive?
And the question I want to ask you who read this to this point is why, why and why, must you lead such a life? And why must you continue with such a life of proud stubborn disobedience and rebellion to everything that stand for God and the good of your fellowmen?
Today if you hear His voice, harden not your heart but repent and change your ways.
Accept The Lord Jesus Christ today. Confess your sins to Him and let Him Forgive you and save you from them all. Matthew 1:21, Psalms  79:9
Otherwise God will be left with no choice to apply the last resort, even wield the big stick. For He is a consuming fire 🔥  and no respecter of persons.


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