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A word in season to all nations. A word in season to change men times and season.

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But Why The Change?

Words In Season:

God said He wants to do something, a man said he is not in support. Which one will prevail between God's own counsel and man's?
Odòlayé Àrèmú(African folklore singer)

"For The Lord God has given me the tongue of the learned that I should know how to speak a word in season to him that is weary:....."
Isaiah 50:4

We met at Bodija in Ibadan through a family friend, one Mrs Agbaje, an Ede princess who was preparing for her late Dad's burial. Of course an Ede prince and direct descendant of late Oba Laoye, the talking drummer whose drum beat we still hear in Radio Nigeria when it's time for the news.
Then one day in Ogbomoso our paths crossed.
And this same friend of mine was wearing a mournful, morose miserable look. Anything the matter?  He was honest enough to open up to me. He is into logging business and facing certain challenges there characteristic of that high volatile trade.
Because we met at an open place at Takie Roundabout, with high crowd traffic, there was no way I can join hands with him there in prayers without creating a public scene. But words began to flow from my mouth to his hearing same way high voltage elecric currents flows into a circuit. Charging up, building up and encouraging his spirit.
It was when months later that we met again this time in Ibadan,

and I met another but same man, now lively and full of life and sharing with me testimonies of how I lifted up his spirit by those words and how he finally overcame the battle, that it occurred to me that what I actually spoke to him that day was a "word in season to him that is weary"
To make matters 'worse' that day he kept telling everyone that saw us together, care to listen the story of how I  met him in Ogbomoso and encouraged him.
Had I been a white man, my face would have been flushing red with blushing.
The Bible say for The Lord gives wisdom and out of His mouth comes knowledge and understanding. He is the custodian of knowledge.
So we cede the word  "of knowledge" to Him that know all things.

2. In addition to Him knowing all things, He is The One that knows the end from the beginning. Therefore He can only reveal things to us and speak Words to us to meet a need at a particular season. The rest of the way He alone  knows. So we adopted a more modest and well fitting word for this assignment - "In season"
How many cases of suicide would have been averted, if only they have heard a word in season to rev back their spirit into life again.................just musing................
3. And again God Who knows the end from the  beginning, made sure what is available when months ago, when we were searching for the name to host our website; which is now undergoing a face lift to meet the season is:-
To Him alone The custodian of the Words of knowledge Who gives it out in bits in season to meet a specific season, be all the glory.

Who knows, today may be that season. Because it all depends on you. It all depends on you to take a step to enter into your season of rest. Rest from the burden and yoke of sin, with a clear manifestation of it's ravaging evidences in your life and soul, wearied with fear, guilt, worry, anxiety and despair. Jesus said "come unto Me..........and I will give you rest"
Matthew 11:28. 


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