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A word in season to all nations. A word in season to change men times and season.

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A Clarion Call To Growth

Words In Season:

"Just as women cannot give birth to children as grown ups, so cannot a tree bring forth fruits until it grows up"
         The King's Scribe 

"And he shall be like a tree 🌲 planted the rivers of water 💧 that bringeth forth his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper"
Psalms 1:3

You don't expect a 4 year old girl to get pregnant and bring forth children. Not even at this perverse and promiscuous age. So as long as a tree remains a flowering plant at the nursery, it cannot bear any fruit yet. Not even in the season of its fruits. Many of us believers do claim the promises of God like that of the 3rd verse in the above Psalms, for God to prosper our works, but all to no avail.
Can God lie? Of course, NO.
Then what went wrong? We and timing.
We simply won't grow spiritually into His promises. Nor grow into maturity. But rather take sickles and baskets and begin to look for mangoes in a young flowering mango plant. And if none is found then resort to prayers and fastings and vigils in rotation on all kind prayer mountains, with all kind of names.
Go to a bookstore and pick a book to read and to study to show ourselves approved unto God,  we won't. But rather stay all day tuning from one Indian Bollywood channel to another on the television. Then I - pads and smartphones📱came to worsen matters!

In year 2001 in Lagos, a need arose in my life and straight I ran to Psalms 121: 1 & 2. Fortunately no help came.
But 8 years later in 2008, I counted N230,000(two hundred and thirty thousand naira), the way you will count a bunch of serviette papers, to meet that same need. Without consulting even the book of Isaiah or Revelation!
What made the difference? GROWTH.
Bishop David Oyedepo began his journey of mobility by saving a sum of N800 to buy a motorcycle. Along the way a need arose at a Christian gathering and he gave the money out as a seed.

And God gave him a double promotion to the next level - a Volkswagen beetle 🐞 Not to even a Mercedes Benz, which he gave to God again as a seed later in life. What is the difference between the interval of both vehicles - Volkswagen beetle and Mercedes Benz? GROWTH
We are all aware of the level he is today.
Again what is the difference between that former stage and current stage of this revered man of God? GROWTH.
God's word say time and chances happens to them all. Take note of the word TIME. No matter how skillful and smarter and wiser you are, everything is according to timing. What now takes place between an interval of a time to another is GROWTH. But you've got to do your own part to facilitate the growth.
While appreciating you for taking your time to read to up to this line, I will appreciate you more, if only you can begin the journey to real growth by being planted in God's Kingdom.
Even the Kingdom of Christ Jesus His Son. It is by repenting of yours sins and taking a step of faith by believing in Him to save you from them.  Matthew 1:21. Psalms 79:9.


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