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What Else Could He Have Done?

A social responsibility project by Deeper Life Bible Church

Words In Season:

Any faith that makes God solely responsible, is an irresponsible faith.
Dr David Oyedepo.


"Therefore whosoever heareth these sayings of Mine and doeth them, I will liken him unto a wise man which built his house upon a rock.
And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house, and it fell not: for it was founded upon a rock"
Matthew 7:24 - 25


Evangelist Ebenezer Obey, in one of his secular songs crooned that, there is no wisdom you can apply or way you can take, to please the world.
I need not join prophets of doom to proclaim woe to the world, though the Bible said it in Revelation 12:12.
But it is a generation you can't just please. No matter how hard you try, they will still talk.
No matter the privileges you give them, they will still abuse it.

Am not making a case for myself. Because with time, I have learnt to take thing in my strides. And I have been happier. Ever defiant at them and confident, setting my face like a flint at their smile or frown.
I have learnt to be proactive, determining how a gourd tilt it's neck to insert the rope. For example, discovering that some family members have over the years been abusing the privilege of speaking to me on phone, I stopped picking their calls. If any want to talk to me, let him or her meet me one on one. "Ojú l'oró wà" No more staying out of reach but at a safe distance, flinging catapults at me on phone. Saying what you dare not say if you are face to face with me!
Rather I am speaking for God. Who upon all He did in His mercy and goodness to make His yoke easy and His burden lighter for them, they still contend with Him. They kept abusing His divine privileges, insulting Him with hard questions, along with proud and stout arguments!
God gave them an inch, they went for a yard. He gave them a yard, they reached for a mile. That is men for you.
The truth is that on this platform, both believers and unbelievers share a common denominator - insatiable.
You, can't simply please them. Not even God Himself. Insatiable ingrates!
Now come to think of it, Jesus came and carried all the heavy burdens they would have borne to fulfil  God's law and righteous demands. From being baptised in Jordan by a man lower in cadre, rank and status to Him, to being crucified and killed by men He could melt to ashes by a breath of one of His nostrils. Not the two nostrils, just one!
He now left for us of the rest of the laws and prophets to be fulfilled, the lighter and not burdensome ones. The ultimate end of which is even for our own profiting. I John 5:3, ITimothy 4:15.
Yet men, kept cross examining God, like a lawyer does a witness in a law court.
Of the lighter commandments, the constant practise of which become covenants, precepts and statutes that no forces or power, can alter their profitability in the life of any who makes it an habit of keeping them, we still put God on trial. Same way Adam did by putting God on trial for giving him a wife. Genesis 3:12.
I won't flog this matter much but simply flip through it. What is so difficult giving God a tenth, just 10% of your income?
He bore your sins on the cross, forgave and redeemed you from the curse of the law. Else, another man would have grabbed the contract and business from you, or you would have run at a loss. But nope. Rather, by His blessings, you did the business or executed the contract at a handsome profit margin and now you are smiling your way to the bank.
And all God asked was just 10% not even 20% of the profit, net or gross. And now you are daggers drawn with Him. Even The One Who kept you alive and gave you good health to do the business! The same He also gave you the job with that mouth watering salary!
Supposing you are to be buying cows, calves, rams and goats to atone for sins you commit daily, can you calculate and deduct how much will remain of that profit or salary? That is if at all any will remain!
Calves without blemish
How much of our income would these have gulped weekly or monthly had Jesus not stepped in to offer Himself for all?
Imagine how these Bororos would have been hiking prices of cows and their calves, same way prices of fuel are being hiked, knowing that many sinners are on long queues to buy cows, goats and rams to atone for their sins.
But Jesus paid it all, once and for all, for all.
Leaving just easy yokes and light burdens of commandments that are not grievous. I John 5:3. If only to keep us busy and not idle but make us responsible, dutiful and disciplined children of The Most High.
Or suppose each man is to face the cross and be hanged for his sins. And you are now using what is left of that profit to bribe the executioner hunting you, wooden cross, hammers and nails in hand, because your cup is full and you are due to face final crucifixion for your sins? Now you are begging him and negotiating for more years to eat chicken and rice, asking him to name his price? Or you are in hiding to avoid the executioner, changing location from one place to another.

I meant not to flog this issue too far.
But if your honest answers to these questions expose what an insatiable ingrate you are to God, I can continue my talk tomorrow or some other day on another topic.
Are you still there shocked or surprised or both, at these questions? Verily I say unto you, that is the terrible and miserable lsituation you would be been, had Jesus not come to redeem us. Yes, buying cows and goats at exorbitant rates to atone for your sins. Or be in hiding from the executioner, because your month is due, like a pregnant woman.
But the good news is that Jesus has taken your place and taken away your sins, and you need not be at the mercy of any again - bororos or executioners. BUT and need to first repent of your sins and confess them to Jesus so He can save you.


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