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This Is The Heritage Of His Servants....

Home sweet home.
Billy Graham
Home Sweet Home

When they going from one village to another, bringing the good tidings of Jesus Christ where were you? Busy journeying from one city to another visiting your girlfriends and concubines. Jumping from disco party to another. From one owambe to one owambe. From one booze joint to another beer parlour to another 'cool' joint?
And right under your very nose why you are still alive, after you have wasted half of your years, God begin to lift and promote His servants.
Dr Oyedepo: NOT dead but still ALIVE and Well.
God honouring him as He promised those who served Him. Even right in the presence of his
mockers in those days, but who funny
enough still find their mouths to talk,
instead of burying their heads in shame!
God delibrately keeping you alive to watch and witness with your own very eyes as He take His servants up and up, higher and higher. See with your own very eyes, as He honours them His servants, while they are yet alive, and send them forth homeward with full pomp and glamour after they have finished their course on earth.
Even at their death not even a president could be so honoured.
Yet this same you again is shameless enough to be crying wolf. Even the same you that called them all manner of names from sùègbè to S.U. et cetera ad ifinitum.
Yet the same you still get mouth again to talk? Again, what a shame!
Like it or you hang, here is God welcoming home one of His faithful servants in class and style, with all pomp and pageantry. Is it still possible to do something with the rest of your days, after all the partying and boozing, peradventure God can still make the best out of the rest that remains?

I hardly talk this way but one Fapson on Facebook invited me admonish him this way. Same he that boozed and partied half of his days away still get mouth to talk to His servants! So, I got no choice than to talk so they can think and not find time mouth to talk again even as they watch one of His choice servants:.....
A hearse bearing the body of Evangelist   Billy Graham has begun its journey from the North Carolina mountains to his home town of Charlotte.

The procession began with a ceremonial departure from a mountain chapel at the training centre operated by his evangelistic association in Asheville.

Crowds lined the streets as the procession passed through the town of Black Mountain on its 130 mile journey.

The Billy Graham Evangelical Association announced Graham’s funeral service will take place at noon on March 2, 2018.

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