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Keep Your Temper And Keep Your Head

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Beware of what get your attention and gets you angry. Whatever gets your attention and gets you angry may ultimately get your head like David got Goliath's.
Soji Omole

"......Am I a dog, that thou comest to me with staves? And the Philistine cursed David with his gods"
              ISamuel 17: 43

Bottom line:

Two things David first did before he got Goliath's head.
Goliath's rage became David's advantage
David insulted and belittled Goliath by approaching him, though he be a giant, like an ordinary dog and with that: 1). David got his attention. Others has been cowering and diving for cover at the mere sound of his voice and here was a little lad, who was not only cowered, but was running towards him with a shepherd's rod and what looked like a horsewhip. But which in reality was a catapult.
2). This does not only got him squinting and surprised, his ego and pride got bruised and that got him very angry. Livid with rage! And that finished him!
When you get angry at someone or something the first thing to control is your tongue, your thoughts and of course your temper.
Related imageGoliath lost control of both and paid for it with his head. He opened his mouth and cursed The Lord's anointed - David. And his head went for it.
The first thing you do when you get angry is to begin to utter miscalculated words and take miscalculated steps. And of course throw miscalculated jabs! All missing targets!
Macheal Spinks took advantage of this and stripped Larry Holmes of his heavy weight boxing title for life.
Michael Spinks with his handlers and legendary boxing promoter, Don King
Michael Spinks with his handlers and legendary
Boxing promoter - Don King on that D day
I was privileged to watch a clip of that match. Larry Holmes was visibly angry and provoked in the ring. Michael Spinks, though smaller in size to Holmes, was calm and calculating, smiling poking fun at Holmes in the ring, getting him more and more and angry. And the result? Holmes kept missing His jabs at Spinks, while Spinks kepts delivering his own jabs on Holmes face with deadly accuracy!
And in boxing if you can't get a knockout, technical or direct, you win the match on points. And this time unlike football, your points is not the number of goals scored but the number of punches that landed on your opponent's face.
Spink's punches were landing with direct accuracy on Holmes face. But because Holmes was angry, his punches were miserably missing target!
But when Spinks tried this strategy on Mike Tyson, it didn't work as he envisaged. Michael Spinks fell flat on his back a few seconds into round one of the match, while fans were still purchasing their tickets at the gate!
How come? Mike Tyson entered the ring, calmer and well prepared. So he did not miss his punches. As Spinks will confess later, those punches landed on him like bags of cement!
And for Spinks to be able to live to fight another day, he threw in the towel!
This is a two edged sword strategy and principles for us students, in the School of Supernatural Wisdom.
1st edge: If you want your opponent's head, get his attention, get him worked up and angry. As he begins to miscalculate his steps, misjive with his tongue, and misjab with his hands, you have gotten him.Image result
2nd edge: In warfare, make sure your opponents does not distract you, get your attention and get you angry, no matter what. Stay calm, be at rest, rest in The Lord,  be still and know that He is God.
Finally this kind of wisdom belongs to the redeemed of The Lord. Not just any dick tom and harry. Surrender your life, your thoughts, your emotions and will to The Lord Jesus Christ. And He will save you and give the wisdom to clinch victory in every battle.


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