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When God Is Behind You

Life is beautiful when God is behindWords In Season:

When God is behind you, what is before you is of no consequence.

          The King's Scribe

"But the Lord God is with me as a Mighty Terrible One, therefore my persecutors shall stumble and they shall not prevail; they shall be greatly ashamed; for they shall not prosper; their everlasting confusion shall never be forgotten"
        Jeremiah 20:11

Even the fowls in Abraham's household were laying and hatching eggs daily. Not to talk of sheep, goats and cows in his massive dairy farm, that are getting pregnant, each time a male hits them and giving birth to young kids and kines from time to time. Much more of his hired and trained servant's wives getting pregnant each night and giving birth to twins and triplets, to the extent that Abraham was able to mobilise 318 armed men out of their offsprings, to face the king of Chedorlaoma and his cohorts, to rescue Lot, his cousin. Genesis 14:14.Image result for images of Abraham in the battle of chaleodamer
Yet here was Abraham, without a single child to call his own, with all the reproductive activities going on his household, under his own very nose.
His case was just a little different from that of a bachelor at 90. Because while a bachelor at whatever age is yet to marry, here was Abraham feeding a woman everyday, clothing and accommodating her without collecting a dime for rent, yet with nothing to show for it for several decades!
We need not overlook the factual reality that because God was behind Abraham in that battle against those kings, those kings were of no consequence, therefore Abraham made a walk over of them. Image result for images of Abraham in the battle of chaleodamerImagine a man confronting American army will 300 militants and defeating them.... When God is behind you, you can accomplish just anything and win just any battle.
But the 'koko' of the matter is what was before Abraham and staring at his face everyday - childlessness! Even at over 90! A kind of a threat to his own very existence and continuation of his lineage. Knowing that should he die in that state, it is over for life!
But because God was behind Abraham, that which was confronting him even at 97 years of age, became history. So shall yours become history, whatever is confronting you. Even as many as are reading this, as long as God is behind you.Image result for images of Abraham in the battle of chaleodamer
Be mindful of this " long as God is behind you..."
You need God to be behind you to face whatever is before you.
Faith in faith is a disastrous fallacy. But faith in God, The Mighty and Terrible One, is power in a higher than the highest voltage.
Don't be like the 7 sons of Sceva today, who exercised faith in faith, and escaped being lynched by a lunatic by whiskers.
Come to God and let Him stand behind you at all times, by giving your life to Jesus Christ. In Christ only you can secure God's supernatural backing to face whatever is before you.


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