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The Principle Of Inward Security

Words In Season:

Egocentrics are by nature argumentative, because of a must they must prove their points. But the meek, though they have points, need not prove to any.
     Soji Omole

"Again I say, don't get involved in  foolish arguments, which only upset people and make them angry"
  II Timothy 2:23 (Living Bible)

The Pharisees always found ways of cornering Master Jesus, not for an interview but for debates and arguments. And at each point in time Jesus made his points clear to them, to all who care to listen and to His disciples. Then He takes a walk.
Is it logical we pay tax to Ceaser or not as freeborn children? He took a coin and asked them of whose inscription is on the coin and they answered "Creaser's" Then said He unto them, "render unto Ceaser what is due unto Ceaser and unto God what is due unto God" And He took a walk.
If there is any who has a point and should at all times be drawing men into arguments to make his points, it should be Jesus. Because He is never wrong, He is The Way, He is The Wisdom and The Power of God. In Him is loaded all the treasures of God in wisdom and knowledge.
But like Isaiah described Him, He never raised  His voice on the streets for Him to be heard that He is making a point. Isaiah 42:2
  "He shall not cry, nor lift up, nor cause his voice to be heard in the street"
Why? Jesus is not proud and egocentric. Rather, He is meek and humble.
The meek and the humble are secure inside, but egocentrics are hunted all their days by insecurity and fear of rejection. They cringe under the bondage of fear of being opposed and contradicted. So when they say something and you oppose it, they get crossed and bingo they enter  into arguments. Even in the face of evident facts and reality to the contrary, they desperately press on. Because their ego is at stake.
But Jesus The meek, and His likes, leave the options open when they talk. They understand that some will believe and some will not.
Evangelist Benson Idahosa shares the Gospel of
Christ; leaving the rest to the
audience to make their choice 
To those who don't believe, they enter not into arguments and altercations with. But rather leave them to face the consequence of their unbelief and ignorance.
I would rather not want you reading this, to face the consequence of ignorance and unbelief. Because Jesus being Who He is - meek and lowly, will never enter into an argument with you; but the consequences are too damning.
Believe on Jesus, accept and receive Him into your life today and saved.


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